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Get To Know Us Better

Nismaaya Decor  is dedicated to the development of innovative products and concepts in collaboration with an expert team. They are developed in the ‘City of Lakes – Udaipur’ to create inspiring living, working, and public spaces. Also, today, the company seeks to combine its technical and design know-how with the creativity of all designers to expand the limits of design constantly.

Nismaaya Decor strives to maintain permanent relationships with its customers, employees, and designers. The company is renowned for the longevity of its products, its sustainable growth, and the quality and power of its design. We have succeeded in creating an atmosphere conducive to innovation, which inspires visitors and stimulates the design process of every type of furniture product.

Discover Us

  • Individuality Through Design
  • Nismaaya Decor is convinced that its creations should never sacrifice the individuality or the lifestyle of its customers. This is why around 80 to 90% of our models are adaptable in terms of size, color, materials, or components.
  • You Dream, We Design
  • To simplify redevelopment projects, Nismaaya Decor offers customers a brilliant service called Customization. All of our artisans are from the house and work exclusively for our store. Each team member analyzes the specific needs and style of the client. He then takes measurements and draws up detailed plans, before crafting the final customized product.

  • Quality By Tradition
  • With us, quality is not just about aesthetics. Know-how, constant attention to detail, and exceptional materials are principles that are particularly close to our hearts. Our reputation and global presence allow us to surround ourselves with the best experts in the world. And in doing so, we keep the welfare of animals, workers, and the planet in mind.

  • The Origin Of Our Success
  • At Nismaaya Decor, we believe that the success of our customer focus starts with our people. Each of us, with our varying abilities, strengths, and potential. This is why we have created a set of values: the foundation of our collective culture and shared success.

Our Universes -

Nismaaya Decor has been designing new ranges of furniture to embellish your interior by following all the trends of the moment. With its traditional roots, we invite you to discover exclusive design collections that mix all styles and eras. From sofas to tables to chairs, from comfortable to storage, Nismaaya Decor is constantly developing current trends to share with you its passion for design and decoration. Here are some best options for you at this store-

  • Living Room Furniture –
  • A stay is not just a simple place of passage where everything jostles to receive. It's also a place to listen to an old vinyl with your eyes closed on your club chair, collapse on a sofa to test the latest television screens and realize that football is better together, and "draw" his seat when the evening finally continues, a little too late. Yes, it's a multifunctional place that is important. For that, you will find here all the essential parts like sofas, arm chairs, lounge chairs, sofa sets, and many more to bring this beautiful spectacle to life

  • Office Furniture -
  • Do you work from home? Or you simply need - want - an office that will be used not only for working but also for surfing the Internet, sending a few handwritten letters, tidying up / filing the paperwork for the whole family, easier said than done. In short, you will find here all the elements to build a –your– place, without forgetting that you will “also” have to choose small and large storage spaces to display any type of things you want.

  • Kitchen Furniture –
  • It is often said that the kitchen is the centrepiece of a home. For everything that makes this super functional and stunning in looks, we have everything to help you here. You can try hands-on different styles and sizes of products to make your life easier in all possible ways.

  • Bedroom Furniture –
  • Have you just moved? Or are you super excited about the idea of fitting out your first home, which is currently under construction? Or simply passionate about decoration, changing your furniture every month? Then, start from your bedroom by exploring the most comprehensive collection at Nismaaya Decor in just a few clicks of the mouse.

  • Balcony Furniture –
  • Open your patio doors and bay windows. For city dwellers, understand: just open your windows. What do you see? The question is also asked of those who live in apartments, eh? The expected answer is: green, green, with ultra-cool garden furniture, a well-thought-out layout with exterior decoration, a swimming pool in a corner with a spa nearby. Therefore, Nismaaya Decor offers the ultimate collection of balcony furniture just for you.