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Divans: Checkout our latest collection of divan beds. It consists of traditionally wooden divans containing drawers for storage. Buy divans for your home living room and bedroom at best prices from Custom Houzz in India.
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Buy Diwan Beds Online in India: To Combine Comfort and Class in a Compact Way

A comfortable diwan bed is an important factor that subsidizes a good night's sleep. After a long day at work, everyone craves to have a comfortable and good sleep at night.  However, choosing the right size bed with a comfortable mattress is also one of the important factors. Therefore, our wooden divan beds collection is one of the best choices to find sleeping comfort and available in a huge range of varieties on our website just for you.

The diwan bed has a rich historical heritage. In the early 18th century, a divan was a bench, used as an extended seat and popular in the Middle-East region. After watching this creation, European merchants and travellers got inspired to emulate that and what they designed was the divan as we know it today.

A diwan beds is the most popular style of bed in Britain, though that doesn't mean they all are similar. In fact, there are numerous styles and a wide range of divans to choose from available at our store. They are just pretty and priceless additions to any style of home. So, check our latest collection and find the suitable choice as per your needs and desires.

How to Find the Best Wooden Divan at a Reasonable Price for your Home Only at Custom Houzz?

Factor 1: Measure before You Shop

You should keep in mind that before buying any unit of furniture, you should measure the area of a room where you are going to place the furniture. It is the primary factor you should consider when you are buying a divan bed cot.

Also, keep in mind that you leave at least one meter of space on the right, left and in front of the divan to provide sufficient walking space.

Don't fall for the looks of the diwan beds available online; it won't be of any use, if it's attractive and doesn't fit properly in your room. Any furniture unit in your home should not only be beautiful in looks but also offer comfort to everyone who sits on it. Therefore, at Custom Houzz, we have mentioned precise dimensions of every product to make your shopping process convenient.

Factor 2: Know Your Furniture Well

The diwan beds online to buy is made of different wood materials. But you should choose the one which offers greater durability and strength. So, at our online store furniture units made from hardwoods like Sheesham and Mango wood provide these both qualities with sturdiness. We suggest you make your choice smartly, so that it can easily blend with the interior of your home.

If you are struggling for space, then you should choose the diwan beds with storage. This unit with storage offers sufficient space to keep your extra stuff in an arranged and organized way. The storage space can be in any form such as – drawers, shelves or sliding storage spaces.

Factor 3: The Positioning Of Divan Bed

One of the most confusing tasks is to decide the location of the diwan, as this piece of furniture is heavy, it needs sufficient space. So, it is important to take in consideration that the decided place should be spacious for its perfect functioning as well as there should be extra room around this, so that you can move around freely.

Factor 4: Many Choices for You

Diwan beds are available online at Custom Houzz in a wide range of designs and styles. There are many options for this piece of furniture such as, you can go for with or without storage, and storage options also have different types.

The style of diwan should be chosen carefully, as it would reflect your personality and choice. Divan bed with storage is a perfect choice, if you don't have sufficient storage space in your bedroom or living room. This unit will help you to arrange your belongings inside it, and you are left with a clean and an organized room. At Custom Houzz, we have stocked all the designs of diwan beds which are relaxing and elegant.

Factor 5: Make a Money-Saving Deal at Custom Houzz

If you are worried that you may end up buying a diwan beds that will affect your finances, it is better to fix the budget before selecting a bed for your home. This would help you make better choices regarding other aspects. You can, later on, adjust your budget up or down, if the selected choices are unsatisfactory for you.

What are the Perks of Adding Wooden Divan Cots in your Home?

The diwan cots are functional and fashionable choices for any size or style of homes. To make things more clear for you, here we have mentioned the benefits of adding these beauties -

1. Neat and Well-Groomed Appearance:

Diwans are designed to store your stuff out of sight, by keeping in mind that your bedroom remains clean. When you store your belongings in a divan bed, you don't have a risk of making your room look cluttered.

2. Gives You Extra Space in Your Bed-room:

Diwans are small in size as compared to standard bed frames. Therefore, you gain overall extra bedroom space by investing in the divan from Custom Houzz collection. This will give you more space for your other furnishings.

3.Provides Extra Storage:

The extra storage space is another benefit of the diwan bed that comes with it. You have access to storage in different forms like, drawers, shelves, under bed storage, cabinets and many more. It will make your clutter-free and smart by hiding all extra stuff quickly.

4.Provides Greater Comfort:

In some divans, they have a built-in layer of springs which serves softness to your mattress. This can give you great comfort for your quality sleep. And, worry not, at Custom Houzz, you can easily explore the premium range of wooden diwan cots online.

5.Available in Wide Range of Styles

A great advantage that comes with diwan beds is their flexible style. The headboards are not used in divan beds like they are used in standard beds, so significantly a divan doesn't affect the existing design of your bedroom. Even if your divan bed has a headboard, it can be easily replaced.

Diwan beds are the perfect blend of style, comfort and built-in-storage option. The quality also needs to be considered, while purchasing divan beds to make your investment worthwhile.

Why Us For Buying Divan Sofa Online in India?

Purchasing diwan beds online at Custom Houzz does not require any kind of high knowledge as we have many such easy policies for serving customer benefits. Some of these are mentioned right below:

Superior Furniture Quality: You will get to see many material options available in solid wood and engineered wood. We proffer superior quality in each of these so that the furniture stays with you for many years coming ahead. Also, there are finish options available so that your wooden diwan cot also contrasts with every other piece of furniture found in the home.

Cheap Prices: We give reasonable diwan beds online so that people do not have to compromise on the ideal furniture unit for any room in the home because of the price factor. Affordable prices and quality services are the prominent reasons why people have been enjoying Custom Houzz’s collection the most.

Ease of Purchasing: From an old man who is fond of buying antique furniture to the youngsters who want furniture for his room, we make it easy for all to buy online by our hassle-free buying procedure. You have to click on the ‘Buy Now’ button and fill out the form. Lately, you just have to wait while your order arrives quickly. Along with it, we have low-cost EMI, easy returns, free shipping, and free installation as the added advantages.

Customization: For initiating better facilities for people, we also give customization for our customers. They can get the furniture shaped, sized, and manipulated with the design also in order to get the perfect wooden diwan cot online for the house. So, utilize the space of your home at its best and make it appealing by installing the premium quality low divan beds or any standard design from the Custom Houzz collection. Try out today!

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