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King Size Beds

Shop online wooden King Size Beds with storage for giving a luxurious charm to your bedroom. Made from premium quality wood we offer you a wide range of modern King Size Beds with storage and without storage according to your need. We can customize according to your requirement in case of any special demand. Shop online wooden king size bed with storage and avail the benefit of durability with beauty at an affordable price.

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Buy King Size Beds Online- A Comfort That Your Body Require

The phrase live life king size has its significant meaning and that definitely directly hints at a wooden King Size Beds. A bedroom is a place where you demand comfort and calm, but sometimes due to the wrong side of the bed, you do not get that comfort. There are various options available when it comes to buying a bed but when comfort is the first priority then modern King size beds with storage are one of the most options. It is one of the beds that have the widest standard size found in the category of beds.

King Size Bed Online is a perfect choice for families, newly become parents, and couples. This style of bed offers the same amount of space that a two twin-sized bed offers. For those who love to roll over the bed while sleeping, these modern king size beds are perfect for them, as they provide ample space to roll and sleep peacefully. In this category, there are several more options that one can choose from.

At Custom Houzz you will get the finest and premium quality wooden King Size double beds that you can customize also. Made from premium quality wood we at Custom Houzz make your shopping easy and price friendly. Visit online from our wide range of beautifully crafted beds for enhancing the charm of your ambiance.

Explore Online Wide Range Of Wooden King Size Bed with Storage

Shopping online a king-size bed is always fun as you get maximum options to choose from. With variant designs, the price concern also gets solved as you get a premium quality wooden bed at an affordable price. Our wide range of designs of King Size Wooden Bed covers the following styles.

Buy King Size Bed With Storage Online: Beds with storage are beautiful with utility. There are various storage options available in a different style. Some of the storage will be given insides of the bed, some will be beneath the bed. The extra storage space can be used to store various belongings like blankets, pillows, etc.

Upholstered Beds: Upholstered beds are perfect for those who have a reading and working habit on the bed. The comfortable upholstery gives ease to lean down and work and is best for work from home scenarios.

King Size Wooden Bed With Head Board Storage: For those who love to read but are tired of placing their books far from their sides. Wooden King Size bed with headboard storage gives them ample space to keep their book and other simple belonging on them.

Beds With Inside Storage: When comfort blends with the utility it is one of the best combos anyone can wish for. Custom Houzz offers beautifully designed king-size beds with storage to make a room for your many necessary and unnecessary belongings.

Classic Designed Beds: Sometimes all you need is classically designed furniture that makes your old memories alive. We have a wide range of beautifully designed classic beds to make your bedroom look classy.

Customized Designs: Even when you want to combine two things together or not satisfied with the patterns we are here to help you. We customize designs according to your requirements and will give you the best quality beds as per your instructions.

Benefits Of Buying A Wooden King Size Double Beds

Spacious: The most loved benefit of a king-size bed is its space to sleep. You can sleep peacefully and spaciously on these kinds of beds. These beds can be considered ideal for families also. In emergency scenarios, people can sleep comfortably on these kinds of beds without bumping into each other.

Storage Availability: Many time people wants storage either beside the bed or beneath the beds, but due to the small size of beds storage provided are not enough. King Size Wooden Beds are very spacious and the storage that comes within is broad. You can keep blankets, pillows, some rarely used quilts and many more things as per your wish.

Comfortable: Benefiting from extra comfort is the advantage of a wooden King Size Bed with storage. Tall people can easily stretch their bodies without bumping into another person. The ample size of the bed makes it a comfortable option for tall people also. Made from premium quality wood these beautifully designed King Size Bed withstand the time test.

A Beautiful Option For Large Spaces: Sometimes after making a big-sized bedroom choosing a perfect bed for that is tough. These styles of beds are perfect for a large size bedroom as they cover the space in a very graceful manner.

Why To Shop Online Modern King Size Bed From Custom Houzz

Withstand Time Test: Durability is our prime objective. Our team makes wooden King size bed with great perfection that guarantees sturdiness. Even after years of usage, you will not experience any wear and tear. Our entire range of wooden furniture withstand the time test and is durable.

Affordable Price: Price is a major concern for everyone who is willing to buy beds online. For those Custom Houzz furniture is the best option they should choose. We offer a premium range of wooden King Size bed at affordable prices so anybody can opt it. With the utmost finish and design, we deliver satisfaction to the customers.

Premium Quality Wood: Our company uses premium quality wood in the manufacturing of all the styles of bed. We assure you of quality with a nominal price range. According to your need, you can customize the King Size Bed also. Storage spaces too can be customized in case of any special demand.

Wide Range: With the quality, we offer a wide range of design options. You can choose from solid wood King Size Bed With Storage, King Size Wooden Bed With Head Board Storage, Classic Designed Beds, Beds With Inside Storage, Upholstered Beds, etc. In case of any special design, we customize also it.

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Frequently Asked Questions For King Size Bed

Q. What is the size for a king size bed?

A. The standard dimension of the king size bed is : 82 L x 77 W x 42 H. It is perfect for your spacious room and has enough space to accommodate sleep for more than 2 people at a time.

Q. Which king size bed is best?

A. The definition of best king size bed differs from person to person always. But, you can find the best king size bed design by considering points like, storage, style, price and comfort it offers. You can take a look at some of the best king size beds - Custom Houzz Amalfi Solid Wood King Size Bed In Provincial Teak Finish, Custom Houzz Abellona King Size Bed With Storage Honey Finish and many more. 

Q. How wide is a king size bed?

A. 77 inches is the width of a standard sized king bed found in any style of home interiors. 

Q. What is the king size bed price in india?

A. The price of king size bed in India at Custom Houzz starts from ₹ 24,999 with top-notch quality built. 

Q. Where to buy a king size bed with storage online in India?

A. You can buy the best quality king size bed with storage online in India from reliable stores which offers everything (quality, class and comfort) with reasonable price tag such as Custom Houzz. 

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