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Living Room Furniture

Buying living room furniture is quite exciting and fun. After all, the living room is like the heart of any space. It is that one place where we all like to relax. A place where every guest sits, the family unwinds, and friends chit chat. So, furnish your living space with cozy, cost-effective, and useful furniture from the Custom Houzz online store. Your comfort is our top priority when we design furniture for you. Our artisans are always up to date with the most recent styles and trends to help you get the ideal look for your living area. So, visit our store and discover the best range of wooden furniture designs for your living room.

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Buy Living Room Furniture Online: Give Your Home Interiors the Love and Attention

The living room furniture is the first thing a person notices when they visit your apartment or house. It is where you sit with your family and friends to share simple and friendly moments. So, it must be clean, comfortable, and attractive. Therefore, it is best to avoid missing anything or leaving anything lying around if you want to feel at peace and enjoy the highest level of comfort. As a result, the Custom Houzz team has created an exclusive furniture collection for your living room that you can purchase online in India at the best price.

One can readily experiment with each option to complete the style of the living area, from seating alternatives to storage, or tables. Even, you can find every product with meticulous finishes available in a wide range of colors at our store. After all, the primary function of any furniture design is to guarantee you a moment of relaxation and premium functionality. We focus on making your living room the most user-friendly area of your home for all your activities. As a result, it creates a sense of well-being and harmony just like the Feng shui concept in Japan. Our furniture is elegantly handcrafted with Sheesham wood, mango wood, and engineered wood. Furniture from our wooden furniture store in India enhances the appearance of your living space.

What Are The Different Types Of Wooden Living Room Furniture Units Available At Custom Houzz?

We believe furniture is a timeless investment that never goes out of style. The appropriate furniture placement in your living area can highlight your level of comfort, whether it's a formal area for hosting guests or a more relaxed area. At Custom Houzz, we enjoy arranging your living room furniture just right, so that you can create happy moments in your redesigned space. Online at Custom Houzz in India, a wide collection of furniture is available at the finest prices. Each item of this furniture is distinctive in its beauty and usefulness. What are you still waiting for? Explore our elegant assortment of furniture for the living area of your home. 

Living Room Sofas

Let your sofa set be the star of your living room. Choosing the ideal sofa set design is very important for any living room because it is where you sit, stretch and relax. A good sofa provides comfort and speaks a lot about your personality. While decorating a living room, the placement of your sofa sets plays a significant role. Sometimes it becomes hard to find the perfect wooden sofa set design in India. And for that, we provide a wide range of sofa set design for living room for you to choose such as

  • Wooden Sofas
  • Fabric sofas
  • 1 seater sofas
  • 2 seater sofas
  • Chaise lounge
  • Futons
  • 3 seater sofas
  • Sofa cum bed
  • L shaped sofas
  • Leather sofa sets

Study and Office

A study and office furniture is not a luxury to have but it's more of a necessity, especially in today’s dynamic world. This furniture not only looks good but it provides ultimate comfort to enhance productivity. With keeping comfort as a key, we design study and office tables along with cozy chairs. 
Reasons why you should invest in a good study and office furniture:

  • The appropriate kind of desk or chair can enhance productivity.
  • A good chair maintains proper posture and prevents back discomfort or other health problems.
  • You can effectively work and study. 
  • IT gives off an office vibe and improves your experience working from home

 And for this, we have an amazing range for you so come, let's explore:

  • Study Tables
  • Office chairs
  • Study chairs

Living Room Chairs

“If it's the right chair, it doesn't take too long to get comfortable in it”

Every kind of chair serves a different purpose. From style to comfort we provide every range to fulfill your needs. A good chair increases the beauty of your space and enriches the style statement. At 

Custom Houzz, you can find an enormous range in terms of fabric, material, quality, need, and look to choose from. So come on and grab a chair from us. We have a wide range of:

  • Lounge chairs
  • Wooden chairs
  • Balcony chairs
  • Bar Chairs
  • Armchairs
  • Benches

Other Living Room Furniture

A living room needs a variety of furniture to complete its essence. From sofa sets to bookshelves, from coffee tables to side tables, from TV units to cabinets, and from shoe racks to chest of drawers. We provide quality furniture for your every need and style. You just need to visit us. After all, every place should have its unique story to tell. And, at Custom Houzz, we would love to create that story for you with our unique range of products which includes:
  • Coffee tables
  • TV units
  • Shoe racks
  • Bookshelves
  • Wardrobes
  • Chest of drawers
  • Side table
  • Console table for living room

Buy Comfortable Furniture Setup Online in India for Living Room:

Custom Houzz offers the best furniture sets online in India for your living space. Each piece of furniture has a unique style and practicality. However, you must first consider why you want to buy this before considering the appearance of your future product. Below are some of the best-selling online furniture for your living room avail at the Custom Houzz online store. Have a look

Two-seater sofa

This range of sofas is perfect for small living rooms or as a complement to another sofa for large families.

Three-seater sofa

Ideal for couples that want their own space and wants to enjoy their free time while watching TV, reading, or chatting in their living room.

Leather sofa set

Make your living area more attractive and comfortable by adding a top-of-the-line, premium, reasonably priced, and elegant leather sofa of Custom Houzz.

L shape sofa set

An L-shaped sofa that is the appropriate fit for your living room with a unique, roomy design to make the most of your space.

Fabric Sofa

It comes in a variety of sizes and is both cozy and useful.

The chaise longue 

The perfect chaise lounge for your living room, where you can relax and read your favorite book or take a nap.

Sofa cum bed

This multifunctional item of furniture from Custom Houzz can be turned into both a sofa and a bed. If you enjoy hosting guests but have a small home, this type of furniture is a clever solution to your space issue.


A bookshelf is a storage unit found in almost all living rooms. These bookshelves online to buy are available in several ways: in solid wood or premium engineered wood, fixed or scalable, wall-mounted or not, with niche or with display case; many choices are available at our online furniture store.

Coffee Tables

Bored with those dull center tables? Try giving a shot to the coffee tables collection at our furniture e-store. these coffee tables don’t only look fancy but also come along with a lot of utility. You generally have compartments in every corner of the table to let you store your little pieces. Also, it is made sure that the top of the table is given a lot more extra care while crafting to make it beautiful just the way you like.


The wardrobe is what you need in your living room if you want to store all kinds of objects away from prying eyes. You can choose the right wooden wardrobe for your needs according to the space of your living room. At our furniture selling e-store, we have plenty of options for you.


To add that element of rest and comfort to your living area setup, we have a bench in the present. There are various designs available at Custom Houzz in these that you will never have to worry about it not looking classy or urban. Not to forget, you also get the option to choose from the benches with or without a backrest for your living room to select from. Also, because these are long, they can accommodate a large number of people at the same time, which is a benefit.

Lounge Chair

Apart from large chaise couches, the lounge chairs also give fantastic look to your living room. They bring home functionality along with beauty at no extra cost. These units are durable, comfortable, high on design and colors, and everything else that you have ever wanted for your chair. Visit the Custom Houzz online website about this and check out which lounge chairs for living room matches your taste well.

Sideboards and Cabinets 

The sideboard is a small piece of furniture with a substantial amount of storage space. In essence, it served the same purpose as the dresser: to carry dishes and linens for the home. However, the sideboard can now be used to keep a variety of items. Custom Houzz has a variety of sideboards and cabinet heights available specifically for your living space.

Designer Chairs 

The designer chairs in our collection are the perfect way to give your living space some extra seating and freshen up its appearance. People are always drawn to it because of its incredibly genuine and cozy vibe. It has the lofty backrest, cozy wings, and attractive, clean design you've been looking for in a living room chair.

TV Unit

Custom Houzz's wooden tv units for living room are the ideal choice to place your TV. Our TV cabinet offers ample room for your players, set-up boxes, and multimedia devices (video games, DVDs, etc.). Our TV cabinets also contain drawers, doors, or closed or open niches. Industrial, traditional, or contemporary style; our TV units adapt to any interior.

Wall Shelves

The shelves allow you to store high and even up to the ceiling. You can also use it to separate the spaces in your living room. You can also, according to your desires, attach small niches to the wall. Our niche cabinets and wall shelves are all apt for your living room. You can use them to keep decorative pieces, books, or other important items. They give your living room a contemporary touch.

Different Types of Sofas

To enjoy maximum comfort in your living room, a wide choice of sofa types is available for you at Custom Houzz. We offer a variety of sofa options, including an L-shaped sofa set, a chaise lounge, a sofa bed, a three-seater sofa, and more. You have countless options when you shop for furniture at our online store.

Choose the Best Services For Your Modern Living Room Furniture Online in India – Call us Now!

Here are reasons to choose our online furniture store to buy furniture for your living area: -

We offer multiple theme ideas, including modern, rustic, contemporary, traditional, and many more. Even, you can try different hands-on categories like beds, study tables, shoe racks, wardrobes, cabinets, side tables, and more. Apart from that, we also make custom furniture in India according to our customer's requirements.

We have stocked a wide range which is available for every budget range. This helps many homeowners complete their living room area without being broken or compromising on-trend. So, enhance the beauty of your home with our custom furniture for house today.

Our wooden furniture is available in either solid wood or engineered wood. Also, you get to see the options for the upholstery according to your choices.

Enjoy a convenient furniture experience with the best quality furniture at the least price. Custom Houzz is always ready to make you happy with excellent furniture for your home and office. Try out today.

You can also explore the wide range of furniture online including l shape sofa setleather sofa, double beds, benches, cabinets & sideboards, sofa set2 seater dining table1 seater sofa, 2 seater sofa, 3 seater sofa, wardrobe, 4 seater dining tables, 6 seater dining tablesdining chairsbar chairs, tv units, coffee tables, queen size beds, king size bedsBar CabinetSofa Cum BedStudy Table, Shoe RackBalcony Chairs, Bookshelves, benchesWall shelves, Storage Furniture, arm chairs, Office Chair, Prayer Unit, Console Table online only at custom Houzz.

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