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Office Chairs

Buying and Using a Wooden Office Chair for home from Custom Houzz can be beneficial for people who work at a computer for very long hours.  Look at the global scenario reveals that back pain is a leading cause of disability across the world, Our comfortable office chair for long hours preventing many people from back pain. Therefore, Our chairs for the office is not the solution to all work-related health issues; it is the solution for most of them. Thus, reduce the risk of workplace accidents and promote the well-being of employees. Get these designer office chairs online and introduce the concept of good sitting and healthy working to your office or home. Happy and productive working hours to you!!

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Buy Wooden Office Chairs Online to Make Productive Hours More Efficient and Comfortable

Our Office chairs designed to suit your size, type of work, and work environment, an office chair can be a godsend. These amazing seating arrangements are much more supportive and adjustable than regular chairs. From height to tilt angle, backrest to the armrest, almost everything is adjustable in an ergonomic seat. Indeed, an wooden office chair is an excellent tool for people who want to increase their productivity at work, without being paralyzed by this exasperating back pain. These chairs are also recommended for short-term tasks that require a forward reach or fine manual work, for example, writing with pen and paper, eating at the table, or sewing. Of course, for some people, finding the best wooden office chair for lower back pain isn't that simple. So, to make your work easier, Custom Houzz has come up with an amazing collection of comfortable office chair for long hours online.

The wonders of these chairs are not limited to this. You can see them improving the working lives of your employees. And you will like them. Check our collection of designer office chairs online right now!!

What are the benefits of buying Best office chairs for lower back pain in your day-to-day life?

Whether you have long wanted to bring the best elements into your workplace or have recently discovered the ergonomics movement, the benefits of comfortable office chair for home are sure to convince you to opt for a better way of working. Here’re benefits you should know before buying from our collection: -

  1. Encourages proper posture tailored: How does it feel to have perfectly fitted clothes? Wonderful, isn't it? Now imagine an office chair that suits you perfectly. Yes. This is what the best office chairs do - it gives you the perfect fit according to your preferences. This means that everything is adjustable, from the height of the rolling chair to the lumbar support it offers. You can even adjust the depth of the seat and swivel the armrests as you like.
  1. Improves comfort: With a design that supports all parts of the body, these rolling chairs surely provide great comfort. And let's be frank: you spend hours every day sitting in your chair; how can you expect to stay comfortable and productive if your body is not in the right position? This worry disappears as soon as you choose the best office chair for lower back pain online from our collection. In fact, these seats are the first to replace fatigue with sitting comfort. Try one to feel it for yourself.
  1. Improve motivation and productivity: Productivity seekers take note. The comfortable office chair for home online collection from Custom Houzz can make an incredible contribution to improving productivity in the workplace. A chair that puts less strain on your back and neck and allows you to have a good sitting posture makes the workstation all the more efficient. With their many features that ensure optimal comfort, these chairs are just perfect for employers who focus too much on productivity.
  1. Improving the quality of your work: While productivity is what many are looking for, at the end of the day, it's quality that matters most. Remember, when your chairs for the office no longer make you frustrated or tired, you are required to perform tasks with more outstanding quality than ever before. Comfortable employees become an organization's most valuable asset. Install these wooden office chairs from our collection in your workplace to get the best performance from your employees.
  1. Long-term savings: One of the reasons for choosing executive chairs is to save money. Wait, but they are priced much higher than many different types of chairs! Well, it's true. But they are just as rewarding in the long run. When you partner with ergonomic solutions, you will surely enjoy the utmost comfort with the latest collection available at our store. Caused primarily by poor posture, these disorders are the root cause of most workers' compensation cases. It is, therefore, possible to save this cost by stretching your budget on ergonomic seats.
  1. Increased employee engagement: There's nothing to complain about if employees are comfortable. That's what the best office chairs are all about: improving employee comfort. And when their comfort takes precedence over the company's expenses, their morale is boosted, as is their involvement in the development of the company. Speaking of which, you will see reduced absenteeism and greater attention to detail when your employees are comfortable and happy.
  1. Ensure the health of your employees: The best office chairs are ideal and are designed to introduce healthy working in the office. By adapting to the posture of the body, they provide a whole series of health benefits. Reduce lower back pain, properly support the spine, relieve neck and shoulder pain, keep the joints in a neutral position, ensure the arms are resting well, to name a few.

These wooden office chairs online collection at Custom Houzz, which are said to promote circulation, can largely overcome physical and mental fatigue. With that said, remember that you need to constantly get up from your seat and go for a walk to stay fit and healthy. And don't forget that stretching while working out can be the key to effective and efficient work out.

How to Maintain the Life of Office Chairs for a Long Term Use?

Many people work from their home or create a mini-office adjoining the living space. The office chair is one of the furniture units which are used by everyone regularly.  But, when it comes to cleaning and maintaining this furniture unit, usually people get confused. Because everyone has a fear that the solution they are using is appropriate or not, what if it affects the surface of the chair.

These are some questions which constantly hit our mind. So, Custom Houzz had come up with a few easy tips to keep this furniture clean and fresh. The proper cleaning will extend the life of your office chair, and you can enjoy its comfort for a long time. Here are some tips by our expert team just for you -

1. Genral Cleaning

This is the initial step of cleaning an office chair, as it keeps your furniture cleaner.

Use vacuum cleaner:

You can use a soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner and clean the entire space properly. You should pay attention to the corners and hard to reach areas. If these are not removed, can easily scratch the surface of an office chair.

Wipe with a Cloth Regularly:

If you don't have a vacuum cleaner, you can use a damp cloth to clean the office chair regularly. This will help you to clean the chair after general use also.

2. To Remove Stains

The best thing to remove stains from an office chair is to wipe up the spill immediately by using a cloth or cotton dipped in warm water.

In some cases, you can't remove a stain by merely wiping, you can use soap and water mixture. In the small bowl, you can combine warm water and mild soap and dip a cloth into a mixture. After wiping the office chair with soapy water, then take a new cloth and dip into plain water, clean again. After this process, now take a dry cloth to dry the surface of the chair.

3. Tricks to Clean Tough Areas

You can use the cotton swab to clean as it is difficult to wipe with a regular cloth hard to reach areas of office chairs such as buttons of tufting, net of mesh pattern and grooves. You can dip a cotton swab into soap and water mixture, now clean around these areas perfectly.

Cotton swabs are a great way to clean hard reach areas of office chairs, as these have small ends that can reach easily into tiny crevices. You don't want the water to get under an office chair because it could damage the quality of the material. So, dry it using a clean cloth by rubbing around the entire surface in a circular motion.

4.Read The Care Tags For Your Office Chair

Usually, office chairs are now available with a care tag or certificate which has instructions for cleaning and caring for that piece. Read those points carefully, as they will advise using the right kind of products method to clean your office chair. In case your set has some removable portions, you can easily pull them out and either dry-clean or machine-wash them comfortably.

Why Choose Customhouzz For Buying designer Office Chairs Online?

We emphasize customer value the most. This is why we have made it very convenient for them to buy the comfortable office chair for long hours online. Here are some of the policies that we have purposely instigated for them.

  • Quality Furniture: Our collection of chairs for offices online is made out of premium material. All of those are completely durable and sturdy enough to stay with the quality throughout.
  • Low Prices: Our rolling chairs collection online can be achieved at extremely cheap prices as we do not want our customers to give up on their choice simply because they cannot afford it. Instead, we have many frequent discounts offers too for making it budget-friendly for consumers to buy furniture online.
  • Convenient Purchasing Policies: Our purchasing policies include many such benefits as low-cost EMI, easy returns, free shipping, and free assembly of furniture. You simply have to click on the BUY NOW button and fill in the minimalist formalities. With it, you are good to go with the best office chairs for your home.
  • 24*7 Service: In case, you have any doubt or need any kind of assistance, then you can contact the Custom Houzz customer support team. They always strive to solve all queries without any kind of ifs and buts.

So, get yourself an office chair worth your workplace out of the plethora of options available. For getting any information ahead, feel free to call and mail us anytime. We would be happy to help!

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FAQ's for Office Chairs

What are the benefits of ergonomic chairs?

The benefits of ergonomic chairs are – encouraged to sit in proper posture, improves comfort, helps to improve productivity of users, contributes in quality of work, long-term saving and maintain the good health of users.

Where can I buy an ergonomic office chair in India?

You can buy ergonomic office chairs in India at reliable stores like – Custom Houzz. Here you can easily check out the widest collection of office chairs online in just a few clicks as per your needs and desires.

How can I find a high-quality office chair?

You can find high-quality office chairs by exploring the most comprehensive collection available at our store. For that, you can consider the following factors like – features office chair offer, the quality of material used, the price, and support it provides to maintain flow of work.

What is the most suitable type of chair for working on a computer for long hours?

The suitable type of chair for working on a computer for long hours is which gives full support and helps to maintain posture.

Where can I buy an ergonomic office chair within 5000 – 10000 in India?

You can buy an ergonomic office chair within 5000 – 1000 in India easily at stores like – Custom Houzz. We have stocked the widest range of units online to complete your work space and give ultimate comfort.

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