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Sofa Cum Bed

Sofa Cum Beds are known to be the best solution for compact spaces. With its finer size and special features, Wooden Sofa Cum Bed With Storage are demanded a lot by people today. So, Custom Houzz has introduced a wide range of foldable sofa cum beds with storage online. There are countless designs and options of upholstery too for making your choice. Scroll below for getting more information about the wide collection available

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Buy Wooden Sofa Cum Bed Online: Featuring More Functionality And Less Hustle

The story of most of the homes is how they are not able to manage their houses because either space is less or they are unaware of the smart home furniture that can be installed for more functionality. One such smart piece of furniture is Wooden sofa cum Bed with Storage that is the best option to opt for when you are going through less space and wondering about how to manage it. Its dual functionality of being a sofa at once and bed at the other moment makes it perfect to opt for the modern interior. Considering this, we are here with ravishing furniture designs for the purpose. Visit online for Foldable Sofa cum bed with storage to have a look over an amusing range of Wooden sofa cum bed mattress online that would satiate your need for space while the designs stay uncompromising. Also, enjoy the benefits of durable material, ultimate designs, and fabulous finishes to make your day with a blissful home interior.

What Makes The Collection Of foldable Wooden Sofa Cum Beds Online At Custom Houzz So Special?

The range of wooden sofa cum bed furniture at Custom Houzz is essentially purposed for being applicable for small houses. Not only this, but it is the magic of such a furniture unit that makes it convenient for a person to transform a living room into a bedroom and vice versa, right on demand. Our furniture unit can be found in different designs for various themes like the traditional theme, modern theme, contemporary or for Industrial furniture look. Every decor idea can be rightly served when you get to have a look at the best match for your home. Also, enjoy the comfort of shopping at the finest range of folding sofa cum bed online mattresses and the best price while you are right at home. This is the boon of shopping for this furniture online as you get to pick your option by just scrolling online through the home screen. Scroll below to know a little more about the diversity of Wooden sofa cum bed With Storage online that we offer at Custom Houzz.

What are Incredible Benefits of Buying our Wooden Sofa Cum Beds?

If there is one essential in a home, it's the sofa. Whether you live in a 20 m² studio or in a 15 room house, this essential piece of furniture quickly becomes the center of gravity of your daily life. One of the best options, from this category is sofa cum bed, to serve your requirements and desires. Here are some benefits which you will enjoy with our outstanding collection of sofa cum bed furniture –

Ideal and User-Friendly Solution

That said; there is even stronger than a simple sofa: the convertible sofa, or the sofa cum bed furniture for friends. Yes, a real sofa bed which, to come back to your friends, will be the ideal extra solution to allow them to spend the night at your place.

You can convert it into a sofa from bed and vice-versa, according to your convenience without any hassle.

An Economical and Practical Choice

Be it traditional, modern, contemporary or rustic, there are thousands of options available for you at Custom Houzz. Even, you have choices with a variation in form of functionality such as sofa cum bed with storage. Very practical, they unfold very easily and, as pointed out above, some models offer as a bonus a storage box for example to store sheets or blankets.

A compendium of comfort and elegance

Forget the misconceptions about the sofa cum beds. Not only are they real sofas, which most of the time hide their play well, but they are also genuine beds. So leave the sofa bed to others and go to the next level, without breaking the bank. We have stocked the widest collection of wooden sofa cum bed furniture just for your comfort.

Saves Space

The sofa cum bed never goes out of fashion; it is still trendy and follows current trends. Ideal companion for small spaces and budgets, it will allow you to receive at home, even if you lack space. This will give you pleasure and you will fully enjoy your friends or family.

Are you excited? Well then buy one sofa cum bed online at Custom Houzz for your living room interiors!

Range Of Folding Sofa Cum Bed with Storage Found At Custom Houzz

Here are some of the common furniture designs found right online.

Simple Furniture Designs: For adapting the usual furniture idea, we have a simple sofa cum bed wooden that proffer finer space and size. The furniture unit is broad enough for two people to enjoy some restful time. With it, you can also be satisfied with the incredible designs that will adapt to modern décor.

The sofa cum bed folds and unfolds in two steps three movements. It thus makes it possible to make room in the living room in a single movement, and to obtain a bed in the same way. In small apartments, it de-clutters the space by combining two or three pieces of furniture (depending on the model) into one. It also finds its place in large houses by serving as an extra bed for guests.

If you are looking for some best sofa cum bed online, you can take a look at collection available at Custom Houzz. To make your work easier, here we shortlisted amazing furniture:-

  • Custom Houzz Sofa Cum Bed in Green Colour- With five legs, which are nicely slanted at the front. The high-quality linen-look upholstery stretches this chic sofa cum bed in a classic design. A wonderful wellness oasis is created with two tufted backrest beautiful cushions. All cosiness thanks to the cozy armrests on the side. The solid, wooden base frame on five legs (which have been nicely slanted on the front), provide stability. Firm, comfortable foam upholstery. It can be easily converted from a sofa to bed and vice versa.

  • Custom Houzz Sofa Cum Bed in Grey Colour- A beautiful foldable sofa cum bed model that can become the centrepiece of your living room. Housed in the classic country house style, it adapts wonderfully to any ambience. Enjoy relaxing hours at home, snuggled up on soft cushions or just easy to convert feature. The stable cover invites you to relax. The soft, skin-friendly cover in pure cotton is equally flattering and inviting. The classic lines are convincing, moreover, it brings a large portion of harmony and cosiness into any home.

  • Custom Houzz Sofa Cum Bed with Power Outlet In Beige Colour- Provides a romantic feeling in any living room interior with this beautiful sofa cum bed furniture. The foundation is made of beautiful solid wood frame has a light finish. A stylish eye-catcher! From the perfectly crafted wooden structure to the stylish seating and beautifully tufted backrest, this furniture is undeniably a masterpiece of modern furniture art. You can easily convert it into a sofa from a bed and vice-versa. Treat yourself to this charming memory of times getting famous by these days and experience how the this furniture enchants the atmosphere in your living room!

  • Custom Houzz Sofa Cum Bed In Dark Brown Colour- A chic beauty for anyone who appreciates the individual and multi-functional unit. The extraordinarily beautiful look in black attracts everyone's attention. The beautiful piece just goes perfectly with shabby chic. On this furniture you will find complete relaxation; put your feet up and relax over a good movie or everyday conversations. It is also incredibly comfortable for reading on the sofa. The generous design also offers space for several people, so that you can also spend a pleasant time here with friends or your family. Perfect for anyone who wants to keep it personal, moreover, you can easily convert it into a sofa from a bed and vice-versa.

You can also explore the wide range of home furniture including  l shape sofa set, console tables, leather sofa, side tables, study table, prayer units, lounge chairs, wall shelves, double beds, designer chair, balcony chairs, king size beds, queen size beds, tv unit, bookshelves, bedside tables, wardrobechest of drawers, 6 seater dining tables, storage furniture and dining chairs online only at customhouzz.


  • What will be the cost of a sofa cum bed?
  • The cost of sofa cum bed is different for every piece of furniture. Well, the starting price range of this furniture unit is ₹17,999.00 and it increases with the design and type of sofa cum bed you choose.

  • What are the pros and cons of a sofa cum bed?
  • Custom Houzz believes that the sofa cum bed is only designed to deliver lot of pros to homeowners in different ways. Here are some of them – easy to use, dual functionality, appealing designs available, durable material and budget-friendly options.

  • What is the best sofa cum bed design?
  • There is no definition of the best sofa cum bed design; after all, the unit which gives all features to particular person is best for that individual. Although, you should consider the factors like, comfort, functionality, adaptable to available space and durability.

  • Where can I get a sofa cum bed at a discounted price?
  • You can get a sofa cum bed at a discounted price at Custom Houzz. We always come up with exciting offers and deals on several occasion for our customers. Don’t miss them!!

  • Is a sofa cum bed good for a small-sized living room?
  • Yes, the sofa cum beds are an excellent option for small-sized living room. These units are designed with a thought that even people living in small spaces can enjoy utmost comfort at the most affordable price.

  • What type of sofa cum bed should I buy for comfort and durability in India?
  • Deciding on the type of sofa cum beds is totally your personal desires and needs. For more assistance, you can contact our customer support team to get the comfortable and durable sofa cum bed in India.
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