3+1+1 Sofa Sets

3+1+1 Sofa Sets

Experience the arena of comfort and luxury with Nismaaya Decor’s diverse range of 3+1+1 sofa sets. Whether you wish to enjoy the cosy warmth of a 3+1+1 fabric sofa or want to bring home something sturdy and stylish in the form of a wooden sofa set 3+1+1, in our vast collection you will find everything you must have dreamed of. Our curated pieces have been crafted meticulously considering distinctive demands of our buyers from different walks of life. Our sofa sets let you and your guests experience maximum comfort and joy. Discover the ‘one’ your home would cherish for years and get ready to create a welcoming living space for everyone who visits you.

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    Why Should You Buy a 3+1+1 Sofa Set for Your Living Space?

    Nismaaya Decor has delivered a plethora of 3+1+1 sofa sets online keeping our clients’ different needs and decor preferences in mind. Here are the common reasons why modern homeowners demand a three seater sofa alongside two individual chairs: 

    Maximized Seating Arrangement

    Offering flexible seating options, these sofa sets can be arranged according to the comfort needs of your guests. Whether you are hosting a small gathering of friends at home or planning an evening movie night with your spouse, enjoy its comfort and relaxation just the way you want. 

    Space-Efficient Sofa Sets

    These 3+1+1 sofa sets offer enough seating capacity in a room with limited floor space, such is the magic of these treasures. They are specially designed to efficiently use space, especially in smaller living rooms. 

    Ultimate Comfort & Style

    As this sofa set comprises 3 seater sofa and two additional sofa chairs, it provides more comfort to everyone in the living room. You can create cozy, intimate seating using this product, which is specially designed to relax and unwind. 

    Adding Visual Interest 

    Every living room needs something interesting and attention-grabbing to entice the guests. That’s exactly what this wooden sofa set 3+1+1 does. The symmetry and balance of a 3+1+1 arrangement often create an aesthetically pleasing focal point in the room. It can elevate the overall visual appeal and style of the space.

    Manifest Your Dream Designs

    Are there any specifications in colors, sizes, and designs you want our craftsmen to meet? If yes, then let us breathe life into your designs by crafting 3+1+1 sofa sets according to your choice of design and material. With endless customization possibilities, we allow homeowners to match the set with existing decor or create a new theme effortlessly.

    Versatility & Varieties in Design

    No matter what decor theme you have, the versatility of these sofa sets will seamlessly blend in with the existing interiors. Also, these sofas are available in various designs, from classic to modern, these sets cater to diverse tastes and interior design preferences.

    Reflecting an ideal combination of style, functionality, and flexibility, these 3+1+1 sofa sets have become a popular choice for modern homeowners. Those who are looking for a comfortable yet visually appealing seating arrangement that suits their lifestyle and space requirements must place an order with Nismaaya Decor today. 

    Different Varieties of 3+1+1 Sofa Sets Available At Our Online Store 

    As one of the leading online wooden furniture stores in India, Nismaaya Decor has an enormous collection of 3+1+1 sofa sets that can be effortlessly teamed up with distinctive interior decor themes and styles. Take a read through different varieties and choose the one that defines your sense of decor and unique choices. 

    Classic Elegance

    Featuring ornate wooden frames and intricate carving, buy a 3+1+1 sofa set with rich upholstery if you want a piece for a traditional decor setting. The minute and finest details on the armrests will surely give a royal and opulent feel. For a timeless look, opt for luxurious fabrics like velvet or brocade.

    Scandinavian Chic

    This style of sofa set is all about embracing simplicity and functionality. It features designs that mainly focus on clean lines, light wood frames, and neutral muted tones. To make these sofas more plush and comfortable, make sure you use soft fabric cushions and upholstery. 


    If textures and patterns in vivid hues entice you, then you would love to bring home a bohemian 3+1+1 fabric sofa. Create a seating arrangement that creates a laid-back and casual look with mix-and-match cushions and artistic details. 

    Luxurious Glam

    Spewing royal-like opulence and a touch of luxury in the interiors, you can buy 3+1+1 sofa sets online in upholstery materials, such as velvet, satin, and leather. use bold colors for an additional extravagance to spaces.

    Modern Minimalism

    The sleek designs and clean aesthetics create a subtle yet elegant look. Our craftsmen will create your sofa set with polished wood and use the upholstery featuring neutral or bold hues for a contemporary touch. Always remember that a 3+1+1 wooden sofa set price varies depending on the type of wood, size, upholstery material, and quality of finish.

    Mid-Century Retro

    From the structure or frame of the sofa to the design, everything will be Inspired by the designs of the mid-20th century. Tufted upholstery and tapered legs will offer a vintage charm reminiscent of the bygone era. If you want modern comfort enveloped in the age-old grace, then opt for this wooden sofa set 3+1+1.  

    Each style of sofa set is meticulously created by furniture designers to meet the varied decor needs and classy choices of all our clients. We cater to different tastes and interior design preferences, allowing homeowners to choose a 3+1+1 sofa set that complements their existing decor or sets the tone for their living space.

    What Makes Nismaaya Decor Your One-Stop Destination for Online Furniture Shopping?

    We are firmly dedicated to offering premium-quality wooden furniture to our customers at competitive prices. By providing them with a seamless shopping experience, we dream of transforming living spaces into a haven that reflects comfort, aesthetics, and functionality. Let’s see what makes us a highly trusted online furniture store in India:

    •  We have a wide range of furniture styles, from classic to contemporary, so that no homeowner leaves our website with an empty shopping cart. We have something special for every home. 
    • We pay utmost attention to the quality of wood used to craft furniture units. Thus, we only use solidwoods, such as teak, oak, mahogany, walnut, and mango so that our furniture meets high standards, providing durability and longevity to our clients. 
    • We also provide lucrative discount deals and price deals to customers so that they can buy statement furniture pieces without putting a strain on their pockets. 
    •  To personalize your home decor, we provide endless customization options so that you can get your furniture pieces designed to better suit your specific needs and decor choices.
    • We have a dedicated customer support team that is available round-the-clock to assist you with queries, product information, and post-purchase assistance.

    • We prioritize hassle-free and fast delivery of orders, ensuring that your product reaches you on time and in good condition. In addition, we provide free shipping across India without any hidden charges. 
    • At Nismaaya Decor, our furniture designers and craftsmen keep themselves updated with trendy designs and creative ideas to build space-savvy furniture units for modern apartments. 

    Frequently Asked Questions About 3+1+1 Sofa Sets

    Q. What does "3+1+1" in a sofa set mean?

    This term represents the configuration of the sofa set which contains a three-seater sofa and two individual chairs. This seating arrangement usually creates a cozy and intimate conversation spot in the living room.  

    Q. What are the benefits of a 3+1+1 sofa set compared to other configurations?

    It provides ample area to accommodate your guests comfortably even if the room is small. You can create a seating arrangement as per the requirement without overcrowding the space. 

    Q. Are these sets available in different materials and styles?

    Yes, at Nismaaya Decor, 3+1+1 sofa sets are available in various materials such as wood, fabric, leather, or a combination. No matter what decor theme you have, you can get your hands on a design that will perfectly harmonize with the existing interior aesthetics. 

    Q. How do I choose the right 3+1+1 sofa set for my space?

    Make sure that you consider a few important factors before making a purchase decision, such as the size of your living room, preferred style, upholstery fabric, durability of materials, and color that goes with the existing decor setting. 

    Q. What should I consider before purchasing a 3+1+1 sofa set online?

    Buy a 3+1+1 sofa set from Nismaaya Decor to receive a premium-quality product just as promised. Still, we suggest you read our detailed product description in which we clearly mention the dimensions, price details, and materials used. 

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