Single Beds

A single bed is a popular furniture unit used in a kid’s room, a bachelor’s pad or in a guest room to provide a comfortable sleep to an overnight guest. Perfect for compact rooms, buy a single bed online from Nismaaya Decor and enjoy beauty and comfort together on a budget.

Rs. 65,999

Dagan Oak Wood King Size Bed

Material Oak Wood                                                       ...
Rs. 67,999

Daemyn Walnut Wood King Size Bed

Material Walnut Wood                                                       ...
Rs. 65,999

Dacia Oak Wood King Size Bed

Material Oak Wood                                                       ...
Rs. 71,999

Dacia Walnut Wood King Size Bed

Material Walnut Wood                                                       ...

Reasons Why You Must Have a Wooden Single Bed in Your Home

Maximise Space: Single beds are the perfect option for smaller bedrooms as they take up less floor space. 

Ideal for single sleepers: If you’re single or a solo sleeper, then a single bed is sufficient enough to accommodate you comfortably. It is also a great investment for parents if their kid is in pre-teen years and now they want a separate bed for him/her to sleep on. 

Lightweight: Single beds are generally lighter and thus they are easy to move frequently from one place to another, especially when there is an overnight guest. 

Budget-Friendly: As a wooden designer single bed is affordable than large or double size beds, you can bring it home without putting a strain on your wallet. 

Types of Single Beds Available at Nismaaya Decor

Catering to the needs and requirements of our customers, Nismaaya Decor has a lot in store to offer. These are the different types and designs of single beds available with us.

Standard Single Bed with Wooden frames 

Designed for one person with a wooden frame to support the mattress, a standard single bed generally measures around 78" L x 42" W x 45" H dimensions in inches. As they are made from high-quality wood, they promise durability and a classic visual appeal. Check out our collection and choose a single bed with wooden frames that blends in well with your interiors. 

Single Bed with Storage 

Who doesn’t need extra storage space to store spare bedding, clothes, sheets, or pillows? We all need it, right? Offering the best storage solution, our single bed with storage is a great choice to make your room look clutter-free and more organised. 

Upholstered Single Beds 

The best part about buying a single bed online from us is that you can get it customised whichever way you want. If you want a padded headboard or any built-in drawer or storage compartment in your bed, simply let us know. We have skilled artisans and furniture makers who will design a bespoke product only meant to satiate your needs.

Single Bed Shopping Guide: Tips to Choose the Right One for Your Home

To buy single bed online, make sure you consider these buying tips and bring home a perfect single bed online that not only ensures comfortable sleeping, but also complements the home decor and accentuates its beauty manifolds. How will you find that ideal piece? Read further: 

Purpose of purchase: First ask yourself, why do you need a single bed? Where will you place it? People buy it for their kid’s room, for a guest room, and some buy it for making extra seating arrangements in the living room. Once the purpose is clear, it will be easier for you to buy the right wooden furniture online for your home. 

Consider the single bed size: Your well-defined purpose will help you understand the single bed size you should buy from us. If you are buying it for yourself, then you know the dimensions to look for. Consider a single bed design which gives enough room for you to stretch and sleep comfortably. 

Quality of wood & finish: At Nismaaya Decor, we are known for using only the highest quality solid woods, such as Sheesham, Teak, and Oak. As Oak is a rare wood to be sold by any online furniture sellers in India, we are a few of the brands that import top-notch Oak wood to craft furniture units. 

Check for the budget: A single wooden bed price range at Nismaaya Decor starts from INR 31,999 and goes to INR 39,999. The price varies depending on the factors like size, type of wood, storage capacity, finish, etc. As we cater to the needs of upper middle class and elite homeowners, we offer a price range that is comforting to everyone. 

Keep the existing decor in mind: While choosing a wooden single bed for your space, make sure that you pick a design that blends well with the existing decor theme or home style. From contemporary to classic and vintage, here you will get what you wish for. Experience the perfect blend of comfort and aesthetics with our custom furniture online, where we offer our clients the best of both worlds - tailored designs that reflect your style while ensuring optimal comfort for your living spaces.

Why Should You Buy a Single Bed Online from Nismaaya Deor?

Use of Imported Wood and Top-Quality Material

Unlike other online furniture sellers in India, Nismaaya Decor sells furniture units made out of imported Oak wood, which is truly rare to find. Also, we use only top-quality furniture making tools, such as saws, hammer, drill, planes, files, sanders, etc.

Customised Solutions

Tell us your specifications and requirements, and our furniture designers will craft a single bed that meets your demands perfectly. Whether it is a particular size, design, storage option or type of wood, simply let us know your wish and we will certainly fulfil it. Discover the convenience of single bed online shopping and find your perfect match for a restful night's sleep.

Fair Price Range: all our products are sold at competitive prices. Unlike others, we charge reasonable prices that do not put a burden on our buyers’ pockets. 

Free Shipping  & Installation: At Nismaaya Decor, we do not have any hidden shipping charges, making sure that you receive your product on time and without the need for you to pay anything extra. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Single Beds

What is the standard dimension of a wooden single bed?

The standard dimension of  a wooden single bed is anywhere between 30 to 42 inches in width and 72 to 78 inches in length.

Can single beds be used by adults?

Yes, a single adult can sleep comfortably on it but if he/she has weight issues, then it may not provide ample space to stretch, toss & turn.  

Can a single bed fit 2 adults?

As they are designed for one adult, a standard single bed may not be ideal for a couple or two individuals. 

What kind of mattress should I use with a single bed?

Any mattress that fits the bed frame and provides the required support and comfort can be used in a single bed.

Can I order a customised single bed?

Yes, you can share your specifications with our customer support staff and our furniture designers will build a bed to meet all your demands.

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