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Featuring armrests and back support for maximum comfort, an armchair is every home’s need. From real leather to wooden, chesterfield armchair and rattan, at Nismaaya Decor, we offer a broad range of collection that will redefine the definition of comfort. Whether you want to extend your seating arrangement, unwind and read after a tiring day, these arm chairs will allow you to enjoy the best of moments in solace. From the living room to bedroom and study area, you can install it anywhere to experience leisure and maximum relaxation. Choose a piece of furniture to complement your style and decor preference, and let these chairs be a part of your life’s journey. Explore our collection now!

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    Factors You Must Consider Before Buying Wooden Arm Chairs for Living Room

    At Nismaaya Decor, you will find a wide range of armchairs that will surely spoil you for choices. To ease the buying process, we are jotting down a few important factors that you must consider to purchase the most comfortable armchair for your space:

    Focus on Design and Aesthetics

    The design of a straight back chair with arms should complement the existing decor and furniture units placed in the living room. Ensure that the design you choose aligns with your living room's aesthetic. A study chair with arms not only provides comfort but also supports proper posture during long hours of work or study. From classic to contemporary or rustic style, whatever may be the interior style, the design of the chair should go well with the visual appeal of the space. Buy arm chair for study which ensures a blend of functionality and style, making it an essential piece for your home.

    Consider Wood Type and Quality

    At Nismaaya Decor, we pay utmost attention to the quality of the wood and use only premium-quality solidwoods, such as teak, mahogany, walnut, and imported oak wood which is rare to be found in Indian furniture stores. Different types of wood offer varying levels of durability and aesthetics. Thus, make sure you choose the wooden armchairs for the living room made using wood which is more robust and resistant to wear. Assess the quality of the wood to ensure longevity and sturdy construction.

    Finish Style

    Here, we offer different types of finishes which truly contribute to the appearance of the chair. From a natural wood finish to a painted one in the preferred color option, you can choose what suits your decor. A solid wood arm chair not only ensures durability but also enhances the elegance of your space. Additionally, you must pick a finish that is easy to clean and maintain while adding to the chair's visual appeal. Investing in a solid wood arm chair means you are opting for a timeless piece that combines style and functionality, perfect for any setting.

    Measure the Available Space

    To accommodate the chosen piece of furniture, it is important to first measure the available space in your living room. The Wooden armchair you buy must fit the area comfortably without overcrowding it. Consider the chair's dimensions, including height, width, and depth so that it serves the purpose without making the space cramped. 

    Durability and Maintenance

    Though real leather accent chairs look luxurious and add a sense of style, you cannot take the durability of the product for granted. Make sure you evaluate the chair's durability through factors like joint construction and the use of solid wood. Out of all the trendy options, wooden armchairs withstand regular use without showing signs of wear and tear. Besides, they do not require much maintenance and are easy to clean. 

    Budget Considerations

    At Nismaaya Decor, we have something special for upper-middle-class and affluent households, keeping everyone’s spending capacity in mind. Make sure you determine your budget range before you start looking for options. You can use a price filter to look for the options that fall within your budget. The arm chair price varies depending on the design, material, and craftsmanship, offering a range that caters to different preferences and needs. Explore our collection to find an arm chair price that suits your budget while providing the best in comfort and style.

    Carefully consider these factors and choose the most comfortable armchair for your space that not only suits your personal preferences but also enhances the overall ambiance and functionality of your home.

    Benefits & Uses of a Straight Back Chair with Arms

    Why should I buy an Wooden armchair? Besides extending the seating area, are there any benefits of using this piece of furniture? Well, we have the answer to all these questions hovering over your head. Here are some key benefits of armchairs:

    • With well-padded seats, armrests, and ergonomic designs for the right posture, these armchairs mainly focus on comfort. This piece of furniture provides a cozy and relaxing seating option. Whether you wish to binge-watch your favorite web series or read a book while enjoying a cup of coffee, armchairs are perfect for unwinding after a long day. 
    • A straight back chair with arms comes in a myriad of design options that cater to diverse decor tastes and interior styles. This versatility allows you to buy a piece that can seamlessly integrate into various rooms within your home. 
    • If you place these chairs strategically, then you will never be short of additional seating options especially when there are more guests at home. It simply contributes to the functionality of a space. Also, it comes with features like swiveling, a reclining mechanism, and cup holders for extra comfort. 
    • These chairs are available in a variety of fabrics and if you want to add a decorative touch to the space, then you can opt for real leather accent chairs. These chairs serve as a decorative element that instantly uplifts the overall design of a room. Choose the upholstery, pattern, material, and color as per your preference and interiors to create a visually appealing space. 
    • A straight back chair with arms is extremely suitable for maintaining a good body posture, reducing the chances of pain in the arms and back. At Nismaaya Decor, our expert furniture designers craft armchairs keeping the ergonomics in mind. This helps maintain good posture even after sitting for extended periods. 

    Whether you wish to buy these chairs for your home or for a workspace, you will never experience any sort of discomfort as they are designed meticulously considering your health and elongated sitting posture. We have a lot of clients who order these wooden arm chairs in bulk for official purposes as well. Explore the options and buy wooden arm chairs that work best for you, ensuring both comfort and style. Additionally, considering the arm chair price, you can find options that fit your budget while providing the desired features and aesthetic appeal. By comparing arm chair prices, you can choose a stylish and functional piece that enhances your seating arrangement.

    Different Types of Armchairs Available in Varied Materials 

    Chesterfield Armchair

    This classic and luxurious piece features deep button tufting, rolled arms, and often leather upholstery. This timeless design adds an elegant touch to any space, ensuring a bucketful of sophistication with comfort. Place it in your living room or bedroom for that extra oomph and style. 

    Wooden Arm Chairs

    Meticulously crafted using solid woods, such as oak, teak, walnut, or mahogany, these wooden arm chairs for living rooms look timeless and ensure longevity. They will continue to provide you comfort and beautify your space with its presence for many generations to come. With diverse finishes and designs, they seamlessly blend into different decor themes.

    Real Leather Accent Chairs

    Exuding rich texture and a touch of opulence, real leather accent chairs add personality to the interiors like never before. Featuring sleek lines and modern designs, they are truly a stylish addition to both traditional and contemporary interiors.

    Rattan Arm Chair

    Reflecting the essence of nature and woven visual appeal, rattan arm chair looks great in homes with tropical-themed decor style. They are made using wood and rattan stems which are used to create woven patterns and designs. Their presence provides a laid-back and relaxed vibe and they can also be used outdoors, such as on a patio for a casual gathering. 

    Why Should You Buy Armchairs Online from Nismaaya Decor?

    Wide Selection of Designs

    We offer a vast range of styles and patterns of armchairs to choose from. You can select the one that suits your decor preference and provides maximum comfort while ensuring durability. Essentially, shopping for armchairs online gives you a one-stop single source of comfort since you get to see the variety we have compiled for you here. This is perhaps because there are so many varieties of armchairs from which you can choose one that best suits the theme of your home as well as your requirements. Choose our store to buy armchairs online so you could taste the variety of the opportunities that will allow you to get only the best pieces of armchairs in terms of their design and functionality.

    Premium-Quality Wood

    Our forte lies in using top-notch quality woods and materials which ensures longevity and a sturdy frame for the furniture piece. 

    Five Star Ratings & Positive Customer Reviews

    Our customers have given us excellent ratings and reviews on the quality of our products. Read through them and you will be able to make a wise purchase decision.  

    Fast Delivery

    Our fastest order delivery mechanism is what makes us buyers first choice as they never have to struggle or compromise on comfort because of delays. 

    Frequently Asked Questions about Arm Chairs

    Q. What is the purpose of the armchair?

    An armchair is a comfortable piece of furniture with a proper cushioned seat and back support. You can rest your arms while you sit on it and also lean a little to unwind and relax after a tiring day.  

    Q. What should I look for in an armchair?

    An armchair should provide you with maximum comfort. Thus, always check for the dimensions, materials used, and also aesthetics to complement the existing decor of your home. 

    Q. What are the different types of armchairs?

    At Nismaaya Decor, you get a variety of arm chairs, such as real leather accent chairs, rattan arm chairs, wingback chairs, chesterfield armchairs, and wooden armchairs. 


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