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Offering a sanctuary to keep your essentials, a wooden bedside table works as an unsung hero that organises things you probably need during bedtime. From a cell phone, a book, medicine box, a water bottle, reading glasses to a sleep mask, or an alarm clock, this bed table holds all the small yet significant things within your arm’s reach, making it convenient for you to access them at night. A keeper of bedtime treasures, this bed side table is every homeowner's need as it not only offers storage and convenience but also adds style and beauty to bedroom decor. At Nismaaya Decor, we have different types of bed side tables in a variety of shapes, colours, sizes, and designs to seamlessly blend with your interiors. Don’t wait anymore and buy a chic & functional piece for a peaceful sleep.

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    Why Should You Invest in a Modern Bedside Table?

    There are multiple reasons why you must buy a bed table for your personal sanctuary of retreat. Read further

    Utility: When it comes to functionality, a modern bedside table wins hands down. The reason behind its growing popularity is its ability to provide sufficient storage to keep nighttime essentials. Not only this, its presence adds a lot of beauty and grace to the bedroom space, ensuring that it looks aligned with the interiors.

    Storage Solutions: When you buy bedside table online, it provides a practical storage solution without taking up much floor space. It is truly an ideal piece for small bedrooms with lack of space.

    Adds Grace & Style to Bedrooms: These bedside tables are meticulously designed keeping the functionality and beauty in mind. Their presence adds a touch of elegance and modernity to your bedroom decor, ensuring that you get a peaceful sleep in a serene ambience.

    Better Organization: By allowing you to store and keep things in a systematic way, a wooden bedside table promotes better organisation which elevates the environment and changes the vibe. It promotes a clutter-free space which lets you experience calmness every day.

    Personalization: At Nismaaya Decor, you can find these tables in a plethora of designs, sizes, and materials, which makes it easy for you to bring home a piece that matches your personal style and room decor. You can even get your treasure keeper customised by telling us what exactly you want.

    Encourages a Soulful Ambience: When you install a bed table next to your bed, you can keep a beautiful night lamp on its surface which will create a  cozy ambiance that promotes better relaxation after a tiring day at work. Also, it gives you enough light to read at night.

    Enhanced Versatility: A modern bedside table is not only designed to keep next to a table, you can use it in your home for a variety of purposes in the living room, study room or home office for a decorative purpose or for storing stationery supplies or office essentials.

    10 Reasons You Must Buy Bed Side Table Online From Nismaaya Decor 

    Though you may find several online wooden furniture stores in India, Nismaaya Decor is a brand homeowners trust up to the hilt. Given below are the reasons why we are one of the most sought-after furniture makers in India:

    A Wide Range of Options 

    Like we’ve mentioned already that Nismaaya Decor offers different designs, styles, colours, and sizes in bed tables, here you will be spoilt for choices.

    Shopping Convenience

    Buy bedside table online from the comfort of your home, which saves you a lot of time and effort. You don’t need to stroll around shopping streets for better furniture designs and price deals as you can use the filter on our website and check out the pieces that come under your budget and suit your sense of style.

    Detailed Description of Products

    When you choose us as your shopping companion, you will always get complete knowledge about the product you are eying on. From dimensions to the type of wood and quality of finish, we provide all the valuable insights about the wooden bedside table so that you can make an informed purchase decision.

    Availability of Filters

    When you purchase a modern bedside table online you can make an effective use of filters to choose product type, price range colour, design, etc. With this, you save a lot of time and can pick the product which meets your decor preferences and budget.

    Lucrative Offers and Discounts

    We, at Nismaaya Decor, offer the best discount deals and offers so that you can buy your dream piece of furniture without putting a strain on your pocket.

    Fastest Delivery

    We offer convenient and fastest home delivery options to make your buying process hassle-free, especially for bulky furniture items.

    Excellent Return Policies 

    Have you received a defective piece from our end? Or do you want to exchange your product with another one? Well, it’s simple with us as we offer easy return policies for your convenience.

    Accessibility to Different Types of Furniture Units

    To make home furniture shopping easy-peasy, we offer different types of furniture units to suffice every room of your living space. From the dining room to bedroom, living room, and study space, you will find stylish and functional products under one roof.

    Offer Customization Options

    We offer customization options which allow you to buy a bed side table online as per your specific requirements and specifications in terms of size, colour, wood type, and storage capacity.

    Round-the-Clock Customer Support

    We have hired a dedicated customer support team which comprises representatives who are available 24/7 to assist you with order-related queries and doubts.  

    We do not leave any stone unturned to provide you the best furniture shopping experience and ensure safety. Trust us and you won’t have any regrets!

    Types of Bedside Tables to Harmonise with Different Decor Styles & Themes

    Traditional Interior Decor

    If you are looking for a bed table for a classic & traditional bedroom decor, then go for a piece featuring ornate designs, rich wood tones, and intricate details. These decorative elements will add a classic elegance and a touch of royalty to the interiors. 

    Contemporary Interior Decor

    A modern bedside table will complement the interiors with minimalist touch. You can even get it customised with the mix of materials, such as a high-quality wood and glass on the table top. This will exude sophistication and high-end appearance.  

    Rustic Interior Decor

    From distressed finished to earth tones, use tables that create more of a raw and organic look. Their presence will make the ambience more natural and unpolished. 

    Bohemian Interior Decor

    A bedside table featuring vibrant colours and unconventional design and shape will look great in homes with boho interiors. From mosaic patterns to intricate designs with the striking mix of colours will add liveliness to your bedroom. 

    Frequently Asked Questions About Bedside Table

    Q. What is the bedside table called?

    It is called by many names like a nightstand, a night table, bed table, bedside cabinet, etc. Though this furniture piece is named in accordance with the purpose it serves as a table next to a bed, it can also be used in the living room as it has sufficient storage shelves to keep small yet significant things. 

    Q. Are bedside tables lower than beds?

    The size of a bedside table should be at least 3 inches higher than the height of the mattress for ease of access to your nighttime essentials. Make sure that a table too short or too tall will make the functionality of your night table less ideal. 

    Q. What are the benefits of a bedside table?

    It is a great addition to your bedroom as it allows you to hold things you need at night, such as your phone, reading glasses, water bottle, a night lamp, etc. With a convenient and accessible surface, you can organise your things properly for easy access. Other than this, these tables can be used for decorative purposes for empty corners. You can use the surface to showcase a beautiful flower vase or any captivating souvenir or an artefact. 

    Q. What is the difference between bedside and nightstand?

    A bedside table is comparatively smaller and compact than a nightstand which has more storage capacity. 

    Q. What should I look for in a bedside table?

    To buy an ideal bedside table, keep these factors in mind: storage capacity, material, size, design, colour, and most importantly, a budget. Make sure your purpose of buying it is clear. Use it as a piece for proper organisation of bedtime essentials within your arm’s reach or as a unit to showcase a decorative object. In addition, you should purchase the size with multiple drawers which can meet your storage needs. The material should be top-notch quality as it will be a long-term investment. The design needs to be aligned with the existing decor of your bedroom space, and lastly it should come within your set budget. 

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