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Featuring a comfy, upholstered chair with mounted backrest and armrests, a boucle wingback chair is a popular choice for homes that are looking for luxury and comfort. Providing a relaxing seating experience, these chairs are available at Nismaaya Decor in a wide range of designs, styles, fabrics, and colours to complement your home decor. Even though the patterns and designs may vary, the classic style of these chairs is the same - a high back and wing-shaped sides that angle outward. Chosen for their aesthetic visual appeal and comfort, people buy wingback chairs for living room as their charming presence contributes to the overall interior decor, adding personality and extra charm to your space.

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    Reasons Why You Must Invest in a Wing Back Chair

    As every furniture unit has a special place in your abode and meets certain functionality and decor needs, a wing back chair has so much to offer as well. If you are still confused as to whether or not you should buy a wing chair online, read through the important reasons that will surely propel you to invest in this statement piece. Read further:

    Redefining Comfort

    These chic and classy pieces not only look great and elevate the decor of a room but also assure that you enjoy maximum comfort and relaxation while being seated on it. As it boasts high backs and winged sides, it is extremely comfortable to lounge on it for stretched hours without hurting your back, neck, and shoulders. 

    Enhanced Style & Grace

    A high-back wing chair available in a variety of upholstery fabrics and design patterns allows you to style your space just the way you see in the glossy pages of home decor magazines. Let these chairs serve as statement pieces and create lasting impressions on your guests.  

    Flexible with Distinctive Design Themes

    The best part about these wing chairs is that they seamlessly blend with any type of decor setting. Whether it is traditional, modern, eclectic, or boho, it goes with any interior design theme and refines the ambiance like never before. 

    Versatility at Its Finest

    Besides your living room, you can install these chairs in your bedroom as well. Place it in an empty corner and see how beautiful it looks. Not only this, you can even make it your reading spot to enjoy an interesting read. 

    Promotes Better Posture & Health

    Ergonomically designed to offer maximum support and comfort, the continuous use of these chairs may relieve you from back and neck pain which affects the posture in the long run. 

    Serves as an Heirloom Piece

    Durability is never compromised in any of the furniture units crafted at Nismaaya Decor.  A wooden wing chair built using solid woods, such as teak, oak, mahogany, mango, or walnut ensures durability and longevity. It simply suggests that these pieces will continue to grace your rooms for many years to come. As it is built to last, it can be passed down to posterity or future generations. 

    Personalised Touch to Ambience

    As these wing chairs are available in a variety of styles, colors, sizes, and design patterns, you will have a plethora of options to choose from. Make sure that the high back wing chair you pick resonates with your existing interior setup and decor choices. 

    Conversation Starter

    The moment your guests enter your space, they are first exposed to the living room. Thus, it deserves special attention and beauty that delights everyone. These pieces look so elegant and unique that they often spark a conversation as your guests would surely ask- where did you buy this from? These chairs are a combination of functionality and style, making them a versatile and appreciated addition to any home setting.

    These iconic pieces work wonders in any type of interior design and instantly become a centerpiece in living space. It’s time to invest in this statement furniture unit which will let you relax and experience the comfort of luxury at fair prices. 

    Exploring the Different Types of Wing Chairs Crafted at Nismaaya Decor

    With furniture design evolution, we can witness a multitude of options in colors, styles, and design patterns. We take immense pride in unveiling our huge collection of wing chairs. Though every type of high-back chair provides ultimate comfort, they meet different decor needs as per the buyers’ personal tastes and choice. Let’s explore a variety of wing chairs designed by experienced artisans and craftsmen. 

    Traditional Upholstered Wing Chairs

    These chairs are fabric-upholstered, ensuring comfort and ease for long hours. You can choose the fabric of the upholstery as per your preference and decor requirements. 

    Leather Wing Chairs

    Leather has always been considered a material with a luxurious and classy touch. Besides a royal-like appearance, a leather wing chair ensures durability and longevity if maintained properly. 

    Wingback Recliners

    With an amalgamation of visual appeal and maximum comfort, these wingback recliners are ideal for TV viewing while lounging comfortably. 

    Modern Wing Chairs

    Complementing modern interiors with clean lines and sleek patterns, a modern wing-back chair is an excellent addition to contemporary decor settings. 

    Wing Chairs with Ottoman

    If you want to maximize your seating arrangement, then you can even buy a set of wing chairs with an ottoman. Also, it can be used as a footrest to create a more relaxing experience while reading or watching something interesting on TV. 

    Wing Chairs with Swivel Base

    With a smooth swivel base, these chairs can be easily moved, offering ultimate flexibility. You can also drag them conveniently without putting too much effort. 

    Outdoor Wing Chairs

    If you have a well-designed outdoor patio, then you would love to set up a space where you can host gatherings or spend some quality time with yourself. Use outdoor wing chairs that not only look graceful and comfortable but also offer weather resistance as they are built using such weather-resistant materials. 

    These are the different types of wing chairs you can get your hands on in accordance with your purpose, comfort, style, size, and budget. So, don’t wait anymore and discover our exclusive collection today. 

    How to Maintain and Take Care of a High Back Wing Chair? 

    To relish the comfort and luxury for several years, you must take care of wingback chairs by following these maintenance tips:

    • Make sure you remove the accumulated dust from the upholstery fabric using a vacuum attachment. Pay special attention to crevices and seams as dust tends to settle in these areas if not cleaned on a regular basis. 
    • In case of accidental spills, you must immediately clean the affected area with a clean cloth. You can use an upholstery cleaner or a mild detergent as well. 
    • There are some fabric protectors to prevent upholstery from stains and spills. However, always use them after ensuring that they are ideal for the upholstery fabric you are using. 

    • For deep cleaning, you can even connect with professionals and get the upholstery cleaned for a revived and brand-new look. 
    • To maintain the luster of wood, you can even use a good-quality wood polish as per the type and quality of the wood. 
    • Avoid arranging a wooden wing chair near the window so that it doesn’t get exposed to the harsh rays of sunlight. Prolonged exposure may fade the color of upholstery or damage the finish of the wood. 
    • Be extra careful if you have pets at home as they may scratch the upholstery, causing damage that needs a costly repair. 

    By diligently following these care and maintenance tips, you can keep these wing chairs looking their best for decades. As it is a long-term investment for your home, it totally deserves love and care.

    Why Should You Buy Wing Chair Online from Nismaaya Decor?

    As one of the leading online wooden furniture stores in India, Nismaaya Decor is strongly committed to crafting top-notch quality pieces that elevate your home decor and take it to new heights. Here are the reasons why you must buy a wooden wing chair from us:

    • Use of top-quality wood and upholstery fabric
    • A wide range of wing chairs in different designs, patterns, colors, and sizes. 
    • Competitive prices for buyers of different walks of life
    • 24/7 customer support staff to assist with queries
    • Lucrative discount offers and price deals
    • Excellent exchange & return policies 
    • Fast delivery and free shipping 

    Frequently Asked Questions about Wing Chairs

    Q. What is the purpose of a wing chair?

    Featuring a tall back and arms for support, a wing chair is upholstered for maximum comfort and relaxation. Its purpose is to create a statement focal point as well as experience the highest degree of comfort. 

    Q. Are wing chairs still in style?

    Yes, indeed. Wing chairs have been around since the 17th century and they are still used to enjoy comfort and add a touch of luxury to a space. With an evolution in design and patterns, you can get hold of a chic and stylish piece that will complement contemporary interiors. 

    Q. Why are wingback chairs so expensive?

    These chairs are designed and crafted using premium quality materials like the finest upholstery and solid wood which ensures durability and timeless aesthetics. In addition, they are ergonomically designed to support the back and neck which assures better posture. 

    Q. What are the benefits of wing chairs?

    Providing ample support to the neck and back, these chairs are an ideal furniture unit if you wish to lounge, read or watch something interesting on TV. With a high backrest, winged design, and comfortable armrests, this accent piece creates a cozy spot for you to unwind after a tiring day.


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