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Divan Beds

Luxury in daily life is equivalent to comfort, and if you want to experience both, then explore a vast range of our divan beds available in diverse colours, styles, and sizes. These aren't ordinary beds but a combination of opulence and functionality that let you enjoy some ‘me-time’ while reading a book, taking a short nap or engaging in heart-to-heart conversations with your loved one. Crafted meticulously to blend in with any home decor design, our divan beds add depth and character to your space, making it more welcoming for everyone who visits you. In our collection, you will also find a wooden divan with storage which lets you keep your home organised and clean.


    What Are the Benefits & Uses of Divan Beds?

    The popularity of divan beds shows no signs of slowing down for a variety of reasons and benefits they offer to homeowners. Here are some of the most common reasons why you must buy divan bed for your home:

    Enhanced Storage Space

    A wooden diwan with storage available with us comes with built-in storage drawers, providing an excellent storage solution to homeowners. People living in modern, compact apartments find it convenient to store extra beddings or pillows in the divan beds for extra guests at home. So, if you have limited closet or storage furniture units, then worry no more as you can simply buy a divan bed with storage from our vast collection. 

    Versatile Designs

    From intricate carvings and ornate detailing to a sleek, modern pattern, Nismaaya Decor has incredible designs to offer in diwan beds. Check out our collection and choose the one that complements your existing home decor and interior style. 

    Creating Visual Interest

    As divan beds are crafted by our in-house artisans in a wide range of styles, materials, and colors, our buyers can design their interiors just the way they want. These interesting options allow homeowners to enhance the aesthetics of their bedroom and living rooms. The captivating presence of a divan bed can instantly uplift the decor game of your space.  

    Providing Ultimate Relaxation & Comfort

    These divan beds are designed keeping your comfort in mind, and thus they are built with the solid base and high-quality mattresses so that you can enjoy lounging on these comfy units for stretched hours. 

    Offering Endless Customization Options

    Is there any specific design, type of wood, colour, or style you want in your divan bed? Well, customisation can be conveniently done in divan beds so that you receive what matches your personal style. A more personalised design and features will add extra functionality to your space. 

    Convenient to Install & Rearrange

    Divan beds are comparatively easier to install in homes, owing to their simple construction. They are not too heavy to move from one place to another. Thus, it makes it convenient for homeowners to rearrange the furniture setting if they want a subtle change in interiors.  

    Divan beds are a complete package of a furniture unit which offers comfort, style, and additional storage as well. If you want to experience all of it together, then this piece of furniture is the best investment you can make. Buy a divan bed from Nismaaya Decor and transform your space into a haven for comfort and luxury. 

    Types of Divan Beds Available at Nismaaya Decor’s Collection

    At Nismaaya Decor, you will surely be spoilt for choices as we are known for our huge collection of divan beds crafted in a variety of materials and designs. Our collection ensures that we have something special for every home and homeowners with different tastes and preferences. Here are some design options offered by us:

    Divan bed built in Teak Wood & Upholstered Fabric

    Providing soft and comfortable seating, we only use high-quality upholstery in cotton and linen fabrics which are easy to maintain and are breathable. We have upholstered divan beds made in teak wood which ensure durability and longevity. These beds are available in an array of colors and patterns and can easily be customised as per your desire and bedroom decor. 

    Wooden Diwan with Storage

    Highly useful for homes with lack of storage closets and shelves, a wooden diwan with storage for living room can be a great option to consider. You can get rattan divan beds made from the stems of rattan palms that will surely bring you closer to nature and enjoy sustainability. Besides adding a timeless look to your room’s ambience and creating a spot for you to relax, this type of bed helps you store bedding essentials and other useful items in an organised way, ensuring that everything is in place, hidden from sight.  

    Wooden Divan Bed with Intricate Details 

    The classic allure of intricate designs and detailing in divan beds will surely transport you to the bygone era. The finest work done on the panels of beds makes these pieces look luxurious and give a royal-like feeling to your space. For traditional settings, this type of bed works wonders. 

    Contemporary or Modern Divan Bed

    Featuring sleek lines and a minimalist design approach with neutral colors, the contemporary divan beds built in solid wood-like teak look absolutely perfect in interiors with a modern touch. Their presence adds elegance and sophistication to the room and gives it a dynamic look. Also, these beds ensure that their beauty remains the same even after years of use if maintained properly. 

    When choosing a divan bed, it’s prudent to explore all the designs and materials thoroughly. As we are India’s one of the leading online wooden furniture stores, we will provide you with diverse options that will help you choose a bed that suits both your functional and design preferences.

    Factors to Consider: How Should You Buy a Divan Bed for Your Home? 

    Buying divan beds for living spaces is not a cakewalk considering there is a plethora of options available to us. But to make the process easy-peasy, we are sharing a few important factors that you must take into consideration before you bring home a divan bed:

    Measure the room size and focus on the layout   

    Unless you carefully measure the dimensions of your bedroom or living room, you won’t be able to determine the right size of a divan bed. You need to ascertain the availability in the room to check whether or not the diwan bed you want to buy would fit comfortably in the room. It should not overwhelm or overcrowd the room so that there is enough space for movement and for other furniture units.

    Check for storage solutions

    A wooden diwan bed with storage for living room makes an ideal purchase for modern homes with a lack of storage space. If you struggle with storage issues, then you must check out the designs with drawers catering to your needs. This is especially beneficial for optimizing space in smaller bedrooms.

    Pay attention to material and upholstery

    Choose the best material and upholstery that can harmonize with your preferences and lifestyle. At Nismaaya Decor, you will get a myriad of choices, such as fabric, faux leather, real leather, wood, and metal. Always think about the material and upholstery which provides high durability, ease of maintenance, and beauty. 

    Pick a Design Aligned with Your Interiors 

    The best way to choose a divan bed design is to check whether or not it complements your bedroom/living room decor. Consider the design of the panels, headboard, and color to choose nothing but the best. 

    Always Keep Budget in Mind 

    A single diwan cot price will surely vary with the one bigger in size and dimension. Thus, always set yourself a budget and look for options that fall within that range. It will narrow down your searches. A diwan bed price range depends on various factors like size, color, design, style, and type of material. So, always check out the collection and read the product description carefully. 

    These factors will certainly help you make an informed purchase decision. So, don’t wait anymore and place an order with us right away. We prioritise customer satisfaction and thus we always use the finest quality wood in crafting furniture that promises to stay longer. 

    Frequently Asked Questions about Divan Beds

    Q. What is the benefit of a divan bed?

    The biggest benefit of a divan bed is its storage which comprises built-in drawers for storing extra bedding, clothes, or other items in an organized way. 

    Q. Why do people choose divan beds?

    These beds provide functionality and storage along with enhanced beauty and comfort. This product is a one-stop solution that helps you experience relaxation, store items, and add charm to the ambiance. 

    Q. Why is it called a divan bed?

    It has derived its name from the Persian and Turkish languages, referring to a long seat or bench with no backrest. It is a special type of bed that looks like a sofa or a couch with an upholstered mattress. 

    Q. Do divan beds last longer?

    Absolutely! A diwan bed built using teak wood will surely last long if maintained properly. Choose a high-quality upholstery material from Nismaaya Decor and you can even customize it according to your own choice and personal taste. 


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