Do you often struggle with lack of storage options at home? Buy cupboards to store essential items and make your rooms look neat and organised. With the designated compartments or shelves, you can arrange your belongings in a systematic manner, making it easier to find things when needed.

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    Benefits of Cupboards: Why Do You Need Them at Home?

    Provide Storage Space and Reduce Clutter

    With excellent storage capacity, cupboards provide an organised space to keep essential items safely. It helps you to keep your home clean and free from clutter. 

    Easy access to belongings

    When you buy cupboard online  you can effortlessly store your stuff in a proper way, making it convenient for you to find and use them whenever you need. Otherwise, we waste a lot of time in finding the items if they are kept in an unorganised way under a pile of other things. 

    Improving the aesthetics of a room

    Rattan cupboards make a great addition for your living room and bedroom to accentuate the decor of your home. As these furniture units come in various styles, designs, and materials, you can choose the one that goes with your interiors and enhances the overall aesthetics. A well-designed wooden cupboard can serve as a focal point or blend harmoniously with the existing furniture.


    The best part about having cupboards in the house is their ability to be useful to every room. They can be used in different areas of the house, including the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, hallway, or even as a freestanding furniture unit. You can keep items just the way you want while keeping them hidden from sight. 

    Types of Cupboards Offered at Nismaaya Décor

     Wardrobes and clothing cupboards

    These cupboards are also called closets which are primarily used for storing your clothes, shoes, and accessories all in one place safely. You can make effective use of hanging rods to hang the clothes systematically and use shelves and drawers to keep a variety of items that you need on a daily basis.

    Kitchen cupboards and cabinets

    No matter how many shelves you have in the kitchen, there will always be a shortage of space. That’s where kitchen cupboards come to the rescue. With multiple shelves, drawers, and compartments to store cookware, dishes, utensils, food items, and small appliances, a wooden cupboard is a highly functional unit you must have. 

    Living room and entertainment cupboards

    We have exclusive designs of cupboards which are specially designed to display decorative items, souvenirs, and collectibles close to your heart. With glass doors and shelves, it allows you to showcase your most prized possessions in front of your guests and relatives. Also, you can use cupboard online shopping  to house electronics, media, game consoles, etc. 

    Out of all the materials, wooden cupboards Online are preferred by most of the buyers for the fact that wood ensures longevity and durability. Also, it exudes timeless visual appeal and complements with any type of interior decor theme or setting. 

    At Nismaaya Decor , we use solid woods to construct cupboards, such as premium-quality Teak, Oak, Sheesham wood along with a variety of finishes, such as walnut, honey, grey, black, and oiled finish. 


    Buy Online Cupboard Keeping These Factors in Mind

    Before you buy a cupboard from Nismaaya Decor, make sure you consider these buying factors for a suitable purchase. 

    • Measure the size of the room and space where you intend to place a cupboard. And choose the size of the cupboard that fits perfectly into the decided space. 
    • Explore various wooden cupboard designs and choose the one that suits your storage utility, personal style preference, and interior aesthetics. 
    • At Nismaaya Decor, the cupboard price ranges from INR 31,999 to INR 69,999. The price varies depending on the quality of wood used, materials, size, and design of the cupboard. Always balance quality and affordability and buy a cupboard after budget considerations. 
    • Do you have specific requirements or dream design for your cupboard? If yes, then make use of our customised solutions for wooden furniture. Simply tell us what exactly you want, and our furniture designers will create a piece that ideally fulfils your storage needs. 
    • It is essential to be aware of all the return and refund policies and shipping charges before placing an order. Therefore, connect with our customer support representatives anytime anywhere and clear your doubts beforehand. 

    Frequently Asked Questions About Cupboard

    Q1. Why is it called a cupboard?

    In the Middle Ages, this type of furniture unit with closed doors was used to keep cups and plates, dishes, and tableware. Over time, its usage was expanded to store clothing, electronic devices, and other household goods.  

    Q2. How do I maintain and clean wooden cupboards?

     Never use any harsh cleaning material as it may damage the finish of the wood. Do regular cleaning with a soft, cotton cloth and a partially damp cloth if there is any spill on the surface of it. 

    Q3. What are cupboards or cabinets?

    A cabinet stands on its own or can also be built into a wall like a showcase with open shelves or glass doors. On the other hand, a cupboard is a storage option with closed doors, shelves or compartments to store things hidden from sight.