Eisley 4 Seater Dining Table Set With Chairs

4 Seater Dining Table Sets

Meticulously crafted to let you enjoy delectable meals in small gatherings at home or in an intimate setting with family, Nismaaya Decor is offering its vast collection of 4 seater dining table sets at competitive prices. Making your dining experiences more enjoyable and comfortable, we have got incredible modern designs that complement every kind of interior setting.


    Four Seater Dining Table: Where Taste Meets Elegance and Style

    To elevate your dining experience with a close-knit family, make sure you buy a four seater dining table keeping these factors and considerations in mind. 

    Think about the features and design

    At Nismaaya Decor, you will find an array of options in terms of size and dimensions, material (wood, glass, metal), the shape of the table (square, round, rectangular), style (modern, traditional, vintage) and features like extendable, foldable, storage etc. For instance, in most compact apartments, people prefer buying a round dining table 4 seater as it saves space in comparison with other shapes of the table. Keep all these factors in mind and bring home a 4 seater table that sets the stage for memorable meals with loved ones. 

    Check for upholstery fabric 

    You must be looking for a comfortable upholstery fabric for dining chairs. Well, we offer some comfy, easy-to-maintain, and durable cushioning choices which provide you maximum comfort and back support. Choose from leather, linen, microfiber, velvet, chenille, sunbrella, jacquard, and cotton to meet your requirements perfectly. 

    Style and Versatility

    The style of your modern round dining table for 4 should complement the existing interiors and theme so that it doesn’t look out of place or awkward. If your decor exudes the vibes of minimalism and subtleness, then a contemporary style of dining table rattan chairs will be an ideal choice for your home. On the other hand, if you want to keep things classy and timeless, then vouch for traditional designs and styles . 

    Buying Guide and Considerations  

    Always set a budget for a 4-seater dining table taking into consideration the available space and room layout. Make the purchase after comparing prices, warranties, and after-sales services. 

    Sheesham wood dining sets for four people

    A dining table made of sheesham wood for four people will bring the beauty of nature into your eating area. This wood, which is renowned for its sturdiness and remarkable natural patterns, produces a cosy and welcoming atmosphere that may go with any decor style. A four seater dining table of Sheesham wood is likely to become a beloved focal point in your house with its rustic charm and timeless appeal.
    Why then wait? With Royaloak, India's top furniture company, you can get the finest dining sets for four people and benefit from owning international furniture at competitive prices.
    How to maintain dining sets that seat four people.

    Tips for Cleaning  & Maintaining Your Four-Seater Dining Table for Many More Years to Come

    Your dining table set 4 seater is not just a functional piece of furniture for your home but also a statement centrepiece of all the fun-loving gatherings and shared meals. To ensure that it stays with you for many years in good condition, you must take these cleaning and maintenance tips to preserve its beauty and longevity. 

    • Make sure you do the regular dusting using a soft, cotton cloth. Avoid the usage of harsh chemicals or abrasive materials as they could rip off the table’s finish. 
    • Act quickly when there are spills and stains and immediately use a slightly damp cloth to remove stains. 
    • Always use placemats, tablecloths, and coasters when serving food or beverages as these accessories protect the table’s surface from heat burns or marks and also prevent stains and scratches especially when you have a glass tabletop. 
    • No wood is susceptible to harsh UV rays or direct sunlight as it fades, warps or causes it to crack. Thus, don’t place your dining table near the sources of extreme temperature or humidity.

    Reasons to Choose Nismaaya Decor for Purchasing Furniture Online

    When it comes to offering quality and a wide range of design options, we are truly unmatched in India’s online furniture-selling industry. Here are some of the advantages of choosing us over others:

    Customisation Options 

    Tell us the type of wood, design, finish, shape, size, and colour, and get the product of your dreams at your doorstep. You can order to customize bulk quantity and also a single wood chairGet in touch with our furniture experts and let them design something unique for you which will be eternally cherished by generations to come. 

    Wide Range of Designs

    No matter what your personal taste and design preferences are, we will surely have something to pacify your furniture requirements. From 4 seater dining table sets, dining table standard size to sofa cum beds to king size beds, we have tons of designs in every type of product that will be suitable for your home interiors, layout, and comfort. 

    Lucrative Discount Deals

    Who doesn’t like best price deals and discount offers? We, at Nismaaya Decor, provide exciting discounts throughout the year so that everyone can experience comfort and luxury at a fair price range and you can buy wooden furniture online.

    Round-the-Clock Customer Support

    We have the best team of customer support representatives to assist you with doubts and queries 24x7. Connect with us anytime and we will respond to your issues within 48 hours.

    The Luxury of Premium Quality Woods

    We strongly believe in serving you with furniture items crafted with the finest quality solid woods, such as Teak, Maple, Mango, Mahogany, and Oak- which are rare to be found in India. 

    No Shipping Charges

    To deliver your furniture units, we do not charge anything. However, if we have to ship the bulk order overseas, then kindly speak to our customer support representatives to gain clarity on this matter. 

    If you have a Large Family or Friends circle you can select our 6-seater dining table set from a variety of designs. Whether you're throwing a lunch or dinner party for friends or just eating meals with your family every day. Enhance the experience of dining by finding the ideal match for your house. Additionally, we understand that sometimes you may require more or less seating capacity, which is why we also offer dining sets in  2-seater dining table options. This flexibility ensures that you can easily accommodate your specific dining needs without compromising on style or functionality.

    Frequently Asked Questions  4 Seater Dining Table Sets

    Q. What size is a 4-chair dining table set?

    The standard size of a 4-seater dining table is usually 3–5ft, depending on the shape. The dimensions of a table are usually 39 L x 39 W x 30 H. But if you need it according to your room’s layout, size, and available space, we can customise it accordingly. 

    Q. What is the size of a 4-seater dining table?

    The standard size is 36 - 44 inches, which makes the required space to seat up to four people at the same time. 

    Q. What is the best shape for a 4 Seater Dining Table?

    A round dining table 4 seater is the most preferred shape as it saves a lot of space and can accommodate 4 people comfortably to have meals together. 

    Q. Which material is considered best for a 4-seater dining table set?

    Solid wood is certainly the best material for a 4-seater dining table owing to the fact that it ensures durability, natural beauty, and longevity. At Nismaaya Decor, you can explore incredible designs in solid woods for your dining room. 

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