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A well-designed TV unit not only stores your TV and other media accessories safely but also serves as an artistic piece of furniture to enhance the beauty of your living room. At Nismaaya Decor, find an exclusive collection of wooden TV units at competitive prices!

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    TV Unit Designs: Upgrading Your Entertainment Experience Like Never Before

    At Nismaaya Decor, we desire to transform your living room into a cinematic masterpiece. Nismaaya Decor is the best online furniture in India. We suggest you buy a wooden TV unit that will showcase your TV in style and up the decor game of your interiors while giving you ample space to keep things organized. We offer our customers free delivery & free installation in Pen India.

    Every living room needs a good Corner TV stand. It's the hub around which your ideal family outing can revolve. At Wooden Street, you can find a large selection of TV units and sideboards in a number of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials.  It's important to consider the space available when shopping for a television stand, table, or cabinet. The next crucial step is to go online and research the Modern TV stand's material and the amount of storage space it provides. Upgrade your foyer or living area with one of our stylish television stand designs. Wooden Street has a wide variety of television table units in both modern and classic designs to suit any living room decor. Get a TV unit cabinet design or stand made of wood that complements the decor of your living space.

    Buy the latest TV unit design from our huge collection and instantly create a focal point in your living room. Providing versatility, beauty, and functionality, these are the latest designs that we offer:

    Open-shelving TV units

    Crafted with high-quality wood, these TVs feature open shelves for storage and provide a minimalistic, airy feel to the interiors. You can keep your favorite reads or magazines on these open shelves.  

    Modern TV stands

    With elegant and sleek designs that never fail to impress, these TV stands look graceful in the living room and include cabinets and shelves for storage. They are not mounted on the wall but sit beautifully on the floor. Ideal for large rooms and spacious areas, a TV stand works as a statement piece that accentuates the style and look of your room. 

    TV Stands with drawers

    Giving a timeless, rustic charm & visual appeal, these TV stands come with drawers to help you keep the remote control and other knickknacks safely in one place.

    Different Types of TV Units to Display Your TV in Style 

    The market is flooded with many designs and styles of TV units, and these are some popular ones people prefer to buy.

    TV Cabinets India

    A wooden TV cabinet is a stylish solution to protect your TV from dust and safely store your accessories and media equipment. Highly functional and aesthetically pleasing, it will be a perfect fit for living rooms of compact apartments as they are available in sleek designs with additional storage options.

    TV Showcases

    Adding flair and personality to your living room, a TV showcase features glass doors and shelves, allowing you to display your TV and other electronics while keeping them safe and dust-free. After installing a showcase in your living room, you will surely feel a sudden surge in the beauty of your space. Buy furniture online in India.

    Buy Wall-Mounted TV Unit Furniture

    To save floor space in your living room or bedroom TV unit design and a TV unit wall-mounted is a piece to swear by. Mount it to a height that provides you with a comfortable viewing experience. It is ideal for small rooms. However, it doesn’t come with any storage solution. Thus, you may require extra furniture to hide other media equipment or accessories. 

    Explore the Upgrade your living room with our exquisite collection of rattan TV units. Designed with a perfect blend of elegance and functionality, our rattan TV unit Furniture bring a touch of natural charm to your entertainment space.

    The Latest TV Unit Design Trends for Every Living Space

    Every home reflects its personality most uniquely. Whether a traditional or a contemporary setup, here are the latest TV unit designs in the home suitable with distinctive interior decor themes at online furniture shopping in India. Let’s take a look:  

    Nature-Inspired Rustic Charm

    Pieces made of solid wood have a flair to instantly add warmth and a welcoming vibe to the ambiance of your living room. So, if you want to upgrade your interiors by adding a hint of texture and rustic visual appeal, go for the wooden TV cabinets in India that protect your TV cupboard from dirt and dust and give you enough space to keep your stuff and other accessories safely. Also, as the shelves are covered with wooden doors, it doesn’t provide visibility to the things you’ve kept inside, making it appear spick and span.  

    Minimalistic Design

    Sometimes, even ‘less and simple’ has a powerful impact, and this design trend in a TV unit proves it right. Buy TV cabinet units in India with storage that come in sleek, clean designs that look great in modern homes and apartments that follow a minimalist design trend. It can work in various home styles, particularly modern aesthetics and charm. This product is worth your money if you have a compact apartment with small-sized rooms.

    Classic & Traditional

    If you are an ardent fan of classic designs, you’d love to bring home a TV unit wall-mounted that adds interest and drama to the interiors with its attention-grabbing style. A TV showcase design with open shelving and drawers will look stunning, as you can never go wrong with this purchase.  

    Look around and know the decor theme your home is infused into. Make sure you choose a TV unit with Storage that blends well with the existing setup and makes it look even more splendid. Experience timeless elegance and durability with our exquisite collection of solid wood furniture in India, designed to elevate your home's aesthetic and functionality. Elevate your entertainment space with the timeless beauty and durability of a teak wood TV cabinet, combining functionality and elegance in perfect harmony.

    Things To Consider Before or While Buying TV Units

    The center of your home is the living room. Since it is the focal point of your entire home's décor, each and every little detail must be well considered and planned for. Selecting a stylish corner TV stand and TV wall design made of constructed wood ought to give your living room's overall decor a little something extra. You need to be careful of the following things:

    1. The size - In addition to the room and wall sizes, the TV's size is a crucial factor to take into account when choosing a TV wall design.
    2. TV Screen: The design of the TV cabinet should make it possible for you to comfortably and conveniently view the TV screen from your couch or sofa at the right distance.
    3. Viewing height: A well-designed  TV unit for living room or corridor should be the perfect size for optimal viewing.
    4. The structure of your living room or hall and the available space in the designated area for placing a TV are important aspects to consider before buying a TV table or TV showcase.
    5. The other furniture in your room, such as beds—queen or king size—will also play a significant role in determining the design of your TV cabinet if you purchase one.
    6. The color material must coordinate with the rest of the home's furniture design while still managing to stand out.

    Why Choose Nismaaya Decor For Your Furniture Needs?

    Nismaaya Decor is a leading online furniture shopping brand in India, renowned for its exceptional quality and wide range of products. With a commitment to meeting diverse preferences, we offer a vast selection of furniture options, ranging from traditional to modern designs, available in various sizes, colors, and materials. Our pricing is competitive and transparent, ensuring accessibility for all. Moreover, we regularly offer discounts and promotions to enhance affordability.

    One of our standout features is the hassle-free shopping experience we provide. We offer free delivery, easy returns, and installation services, ensuring a seamless process for our customers. Our team of skilled artisans crafts each piece with premium materials, ensuring durability and longevity.

    In particular, our TV unit collection showcases exquisite designs suitable for any living room. Whether you're looking for a sleek TV cabinet or a stylish rattan TV unit, Nismaaya decor has you covered. Discover the perfect TV unit design that complements your space, all while enjoying the convenience and reliability of shopping with Nismaaya decor.

    What Are the Advantages of Buying the Best Wooden TV Unit Design for Home Online?

    Using an online platform such as Nismaaya Decor to get the best TV unit for your house has many benefits that add to the convenience, fun, and satisfaction of the whole buying process. The following are the main advantages of purchasing a readymade TV unit from Nismaaya Decor online:

    Wide Range: A wide range of Modern TV stands in different designs, styles, materials, and finishes are available at Nismaaya Decor. You may choose from a wide variety of alternatives, such as TV cabinets, wall-mounted TV units, hanging TV units, L-shaped TV units, corner TV units, TV units with storage, wooden TV unit design, and more, to discover the ideal complement for your interior design.

    Quality & Durability: Nismaaya decor is well known for its dedication to excellence, both in terms of durability and quality. You can count on excellent workmanship and robust materials when you buy a TV unit online from Nismaaya Decor. Every TV unit with drawers is expertly built to provide both long-lasting functionality and visual appeal.

    Convenience of Online Shopping: Buying TV units online in India saves you time and effort by removing the need to visit many stores. You may peruse the comprehensive inventory, weigh your alternatives, and make a purchase from the comfort of your home using Nismaaya Decor's easy-to-use website. You may save time and effort with this convenience.

    In addition to having access to a large selection of excellent solutions, Nismaaya Decor offers the ease of online purchasing, professional advice, and dependable delivery for your new TV unit for living room order. Enhance the look of your interior design with a chic and useful TV unit with a back panel from Nismaaya decor, where client happiness and high quality are priorities.

    Placement Techniques for TV Units in Your House

    • TV Unit in Living Room

    Place the TV unit against the longest wall to serve as the main entertainment center. Arrange the furniture so that the living room looks harmonious and welcoming.

    • TV Unit in the Hall

    Add a chic TV unit to the hallway to transform it and make a statement in transitional areas. Select storage units with drawers to maximize functionality without sacrificing style.

    • TV Cabinet in Bedroom

    Place the TV unit at the foot of the bed to turn the bedroom into a special place for entertainment. Select apartments with closed storage to keep the space serene and clutter-free.

    Frequently Asked Questions about TV Cabinets Unit in India

    Q. How to choose the right TV unit for your living room?

    Consider these determining factors to bring home the right TV unit. Please measure your TV's size and check whether the TV unit can accommodate it and other media accessories like speakers, gaming consoles, etc. Then, think about the style and decor of your living room. If the interior setting is modern, look for sleek designs to complement it. Last but not least, keep in mind your storage issues. To keep your living room organized and clutter-free, look for a TV unit with cabinets, shelves, and drawers. Lastly, choose the right material that ensures durability, style, and a budget-friendly price.   

    Q. How to clean and maintain a wooden TV unit?

    The lifespan of your wooden TV unit largely depends on how well you maintain it right from the day you bring it home. Here are some cleaning and maintenance tips that one must follow:

    • First, always use a dry cotton cloth to remove the dust from the TV unit. Do it regularly, but strictly avoid using water or any harsh chemical on the surface of the wood as it may lead to damage. 
    • Keep your wooden TV unit away from direct exposure to sunlight, as prolonged exposure to the sun may cause damage to the wood.
    • Wipe the accidental spills immediately with a cloth, and let it dry out. 
    • To maintain the shine and luster of the wooden TV unit, use a wood cleaner or polish specially designed for the wood your TV unit is made of. 

    Q. What is the average cost of a TV unit in India?

    The average cost of a TV unit in India depends upon factors such as the size, type of material, design, and brand. Generally, a good quality TV unit ranges from INR 30,000 to INR 50,000 at Nismaaya Decor. You can check out our collection and pick the one that meets your needs and budget. 

    Q. What are the benefits of owning a TV unit with storage?

    The biggest benefit of a TV unit with storage is its ability to store media equipment, remote controls, magazines, knickknacks, and other accessories in one place. It helps you keep your living room look more organized and systematic. Also, such kinds of TV units come with modern designs that elevate the decor game of your interiors, making the room look even more attractive and stylish. 

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