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Side & End Tables

With a promise to serve both- functionality and beauty, these side & end tables available at Nismaaya Decor are more than just pieces of furniture. Use it as a side table for bed to keep reading glasses, water bottle, a book or place it near your sofa set to hold your guests’ drinks or showcase a stunning lamp or a flower vase, these versatile accents transform the look and feel of any room. It’s time to explore their functionality, design possibilities, and the impact they create to upgrade your home decor.

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    Side & End Tables: Uses & Benefits in Every Area of Your Home

    You can make the best use of these end tables to beautify every nook and cranny of your home. Want to know how? Read further:


    Keep a side table with drawer in near the entryway or foyer to keep the small yet significant things that you may need on-the go. Put the keys, bills, sunglasses or magazine in the drawer to keep the area free from clutter. Decorate the flat surface of the table with a flower vase or a decorative piece that you may have bought from a memorable vacation. This whole arrangement will create a welcoming atmosphere for the guests to come.

    Living Room

    A wooden side table is an ideal addition in your living room which you can place near the sofa set. Use its surface to hold beverages, remote control, snacks, or even a book you’re reading these days. As not all your guests sit equally near the center table, you can use these side tables to serve the guests sitting slightly away. Apart from this, if you’ve got an empty corner screaming for some attention, then use this table to display decorative items  and create a visual interest in your living room. 


    A side table for bed is truly the need of every homeowner. Place it near the bed and use it as a nightstand to keep your alarm clock, book, and personal items that you may need during the night. You can even get these end tables customised according to your storage needs and decor preference. With built-in drawers and compartments, you can even store more things or bedtime essentials. Complementing the bed frame or the room's colour scheme, these side & end tables contribute to the overall look of your bedroom. 

    Dining Room

    No matter how much storage options you have, your dining space demands an extra space, especially when there are more guests. Side tables can be of great use to keep cutleries, napkins, water bottle and glasses which occupy a lot of space if you keep them on the dining table. Besides, they are ideal for showcasing decorative items or a glass bowl with rose petals to refine the ambience and elevate the dining experience. 

    Home Office

    Your workspace has to look organised and aesthetically pleasing. Using end tables, you can make it possible. From loose papers to stationery and files, keep your important office essentials handy. Also, give a decorative touch to your home office, which leads to improved focus and high work productivity.

    Outdoor Patios

    Whether you like to spend your mornings with a fresh cup of coffee in your patio or enjoy get-togethers with friends, you would surely need a wooden side table to hold drinks or snacks. Also, you can use the surface of the table to keep a portable speaker for entertainment purposes. 

    With a wide range of options available with us, you can choose a side table for your home as per your decor preferences, storage, and serving needs.

    Important Factors to Consider: How to Choose the Right End Tables? 

    With a plethora of options to choose from, you may feel confused as to which wooden side table would fit in your space and complement your overall room decor. Here are some factors to consider before you buy side & end tables online:

    Consider Your Room’s Layout:

    Before taking any purchase decision, examine your room's layout and furniture arrangement. Ask yourself- where do I want to place the table? As per the answer of this question, you would be able to make the correct choice in terms of the size, design, and shape of the table. 

    Keep the Functionality in Mind

    What is the purpose of buying a side table with drawer? Are you using it to serve your guests with beverages and snacks? Or you want to use it to showcase decorative items like a lamp or a figurine? Or you want to keep it beside the bed to house your essentials? With the clarity of functionality, you will be able to make an informed buying decision. 

    Style and Aesthetics

    Whatever style, design, or shape of the table you choose, it should complement your room's aesthetics. For a space with a classic traditional decor, you would like to buy a table with ornate detailing or intricate carving. On the other hand, for a modern space with chic and stylish interiors, you would like to purchase a table with a sleek design featuring a round or diamond shape. 

    Pay Attention to Size and Proportions

    These end tables will be placed alongside the existing furniture units. Therefore, the size and shape of the tables should be in proportion to the furniture around it for a cohesive look. A small-sized table may get lost in a large room, while an oversized table can overwhelm a smaller space. Thus, it’s important to consider the size of both- the table and also the space you’re placing it in. 

    Safety Concerns

    Homeowners with young children or pets should consider safety above everything. When it comes to choosing the shape of end tables, opt for round or oval tables with no sharp edges as they are safer choices in households.

    At Nismaaya Decor, our craftsmen and furniture designers create unique, functional pieces in  unconventional shapes like a diamond shape, which looks stylish and trendy in a living space with contemporary decor settings. 

    When selecting side & end tables for your abode, keep the measurements of your available space and into account along with the dimensions of the table. Always remember that there are no strict rules, and the right shape. Ultimately it depends on individual needs, style, and the specific dynamics of your space.

    Why Choose Nismaaya Decor to Buy End Tables Online?

    Though there are several online wooden furniture stores in India, these features set Nismaaya Decor apart from the rest: 

    A Wide Selection of End Tables

    At Nismaaya Decor, we offer a diverse range of side & end tables in various styles, shapes, and designs. Whether you prefer traditional, modern, or eclectic designs, you will surely find  tables that will never fail to meet your functional needs and complement your home decor.

    Incredible Craftsmanship

    Every wooden side table in our collection exudes the fragrance of skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail. We craft each product with skill, perfection, and dedication to ensure that our furniture units stand the test of time and serve as heirloom pieces for future generations.  

    Competitive Pricing

    We have a price range for people of different walks of life and spending capacity. You can find high-end options that fit your classy lifestyle to the end tables that perfectly fit your budget. 

    Unique Shapes & Designs

    From round to square and even diamond shaped end tables are available with us. These unique designs look great in any style of interior and add a decorative touch to the ambience of any room. 

    Replacement Policy

    In case you receive any defective item from our end, then Nismaaya Decor offers a reasonable replacement policy by re-delivering you a product in the finest condition. 

      Frequently Asked Questions about Side & End Tables

      Q1. What are end and side tables?

      Offering versatility and functionality, these tables can be creatively used in any room of your abode for a variety of purposes. Either use it to serve your guests with beverages and snacks or use its top to display decorative pieces like a flower vase or lamp. They also come with built-in drawers which can be used to house keys, books, reading glasses,medicine box, cosmetics, accessories, and whatnot. 

      Q2. What is the difference between end table and console table?

      Console tables are comparatively bigger in size and are often placed against the wall to enhance the decor of a space. While the end tables are smaller in size and lower in height with limited storage space to keep small things. They can be moved to spaces conveniently and can be kept next to a sofa set or bed within arm’s reach. 

      Q3. Can I use a side table as a nightstand?

      Yes, a side table with drawer can serve as a nightstand. However, before making a purchase, always ensure that the height and size are appropriate for your bed. Also, it should have the storage space to keep your essentials within arm’s reach.


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