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Queen Size Bed

Upgrade your sleep game with a queen size bed which measures 81 L x 60 W x 36 H. At Nismaaya Decor, we offer the latest designs in wooden queen size beds at fair prices. It’s time to unwind, stretch a little more, and enjoy a comfortable good night’s sleep with your partner.

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    Check Out the Latest Designs of Queen Size Double Bed

    Are you looking for a comfortable and stylish bed for your bedroom? Check out the latest designs available with us, and find the one that meets your personal taste, style preference, and comfort needs. Upgrade your sleep sanctuary with comfort and style as you explore our curated collection to buy queen size bed online.

    Platform Queen Size Bed Design

    • Indulge in the luxury of sleeping like royalty with a simple frame.

    • Features no headboard or footboard for a sleek and modern design.

    • Ideal for smaller rooms, maximizing space efficiency.

    • Customization is available at Nismaaya Decor for additional storage options underneath the mattress.

    Upholstered Queen Size Double Bed Design

    • Padded Headboard and Footboard: The bed boasts a padded headboard and footboard, often covered in fabric or leather.

    • Exquisite Collection: Explore our exquisite collection of queen-size and double beds online.

    • Comfort and Style in One: Combines comfort and style in one elegant package, enhancing your bedroom's overall appeal.

    • Immediate Aesthetic Accentuation: Instantly accentuates the bedroom's look, providing a reason for a luxe and elegant ambiance.

    • Comfy Back Support: Ideal for bedtime readers, offering comfortable back support during leisurely reading sessions. 

    Queen Size Bed with Storage Design

    • Efficient Storage: Provides additional space for bedding essentials without the need for an expensive furniture unit.

    • Built-in Storage Options

    • Features such as drawers or lift-up mechanisms.

    • Offers a clutter-free and organized look for your room.

    • Clean and Organized Space: Frees your room from clutter, creating a clean and organized living environment.

    Wide Range of Options

    • Nismaaya Decor offers a diverse selection to match different styles and preferences.
    • Find the queen-size double bed that suits your taste and complements your bedroom decor.
    • Ultimate Comfort Day and Night: Experience ultimate comfort with the perfect queen-size double bed from Nismaaya Decor.

    How to Choose a Queen Size Bed for Yourself? 

    • Purchasing queen beds is an investment in good health and a peaceful mind.

    • Recognizes the importance of sound sleep in feeling refreshed every morning.

    • Emphasizes that the decision to buy queen beds is more than just spending money.

    • Acknowledges that comfort is a crucial factor that should not be taken for granted.

    • Consider the points mentioned below for a smoother selection process.

    • Guides the buyer in making an informed decision.

    • Encourages buyers to find a queen-size double bed at the best price.

    • A reminder that investing in quality sleep is a worthwhile endeavor.

    Size of the room: 

    As you already know the dimensions of the queen bed, you should measure the size of the room as well. The standard measurement of a queen bed is 81 L x 60 W x 36 H. Therefore, you must ensure that the size of your room is sufficient enough to accommodate the product. Even after placing the bed, there should be space around it to move comfortably. 

    Choose the style That Blends in with Interiors 

    • Comfort and Aesthetics Combined: A queen bed ensures maximum comfort while enhancing the beauty of your bedroom.

    • Wooden Elegance: Opt for a wooden queen-sized bed to complement the existing interior decor and home style.

    • Versatility in Style: Nismaaya Decor offers classes for traditional and modern rooms, providing versatility in style options.

    • Tailored to Your Decor: Choose a bed that seamlessly integrates with the overall decor of your bedroom.

    Consider the Design to Meet Your Specific Needs: 

    Buying a queen-size bed design online out of various options is daunting, but if you are clear about your requirements, it becomes slightly easy to pick one. If you need additional storage space, focus on buying a good-priced queen-size bed with storage online, eliminating the other options. 

    Quality of the Wood:

    At Nismaaya Decor, we believe in using really good wood to make beds, like queen beds. There are different kinds of wood, like oak, Sheesham, walnut, and teak. Each type of wood has its own special qualities that make it great for different things. Wood can be used for lots of stuff, from furniture to crafts, and knowing about these different types helps people choose what's best for them.

    Keep the Budget in Mind: 

    A queen-size bed price range varies due to size, storage capacity, type or quality of wood, etc. At Nismaaya Decor, the queen-size bed price starts from INR 31,999 to INR 54,999. To cater to the needs of every homeowner, we have a pricing structure that doesn’t burden pockets.

    By considering these factors, you can choose a wooden queen-size bed that not only redefines the standards of comfort but also transforms the ambiance of your bedroom.

    Compelling Reasons to Choose Nismaaya Decor's Queen Bed, Storage-Free

    There are lots of engaging variables to take into consideration when purchasing a Queen Bed Without Storage Room from Nismaaya Decor.

    • Expect a blend of class, comfort, quality, and affordability when buying a Queen Size Bed without storage room from Nismaaya Style.
    • Nismaaya Design is India's No. 1 furnishings brand, recognized for extraordinary quality, cutting-edge designs, and client contentment.
    • Nismaaya Style supplies a wide variety of Queen Size Beds Without Storage, including a substantial assortment of layouts and patterns.
    • Superior quality and craftsmanship are highlighted, ensuring each Queen Size Bed is crafted with extraordinary materials and undertakes strenuous top quality checks.
    • Nismaaya Design focuses on comfort and functionality in their Queen Size Bed layout, supplying optimum support for peaceful rest and contributing to a clean, arranged appearance.
    • Nismaaya Design uses its items at competitive rates, guaranteeing that high-end furnishings is accessible and budget-friendly for clients.
    • Checking out their variety is a seamless procedure, allowing you to select your preferred Queen Size Bed and quickly finalize your transaction.
    • Nismaaya Design has a loyal customers with favorable comments, showcasing their dedication to customer contentment with testimonials.

    Nismaaya Style ensures their items, giving consumers guarantee and rely on the event of any issues. In addition, their after-sales assistance is punctual and reliable, guaranteeing that any worries or concerns are quickly attended to.

    Why Should You Choose Nismaaya Decor to Buy a Queen Size Bed Online in India?

    • Synonymous with Comfort and Class: Nismaaya Decor is a brand known for comfort and class in the realm of designer furniture.

    • Prioritizing Designer Furniture: The brand focuses on delivering designer furniture units that elevate lifestyles while catering to budget considerations.

    • Charm of Rattan Bedroom Furniture: Explore the allure of rattan bedroom furniture, where natural beauty seamlessly meets comfort and style.

    • Serene and Inviting Spaces: Nismaaya Decor offers an exquisite collection of sustainable rattan beds and furniture pieces, facilitating the creation of serene and inviting spaces.

    Benefits of Shopping with Us

    • Quality and Craftsmanship: Assured quality and craftsmanship in every furniture piece.
    • Budget-Friendly Luxury: Experience luxury without compromising on your budget.
    • Sustainability: Embrace sustainability with our collection of rattan furniture.
    • Relaxing Retreat: Curate a relaxing retreat with our thoughtfully designed furniture.


    With customization options to make a queen bed that fits your needs and preferences, Nismaaya Decor delivers what you wish for. Tell us the design, type of wood, size, and storage capacity you want in your bed, and consider it done within your budget. Discover a world of elegance and craftsmanship with the best wooden furniture online in India, curated to enhance your home's aesthetic and functionality through our online furniture store in India.

    Top-Quality Wood

    Our USP is crafting designer furniture from high-quality solid woods rarely sold in India by furniture manufacturers. All our products are made from Sheesham and Teak, the finest woods that epitomise durability, strength, and longevity.

    Availability of a Plethora of designs

    With us, you will always find a variety of methods as we offer unique and aesthetically pleasing styles of queen beds to suit your taste and interiors. 

    Competitive Prices

    We offer fair pricing without compromising on quality. Catering to the needs of upper-middle-class and elite homeowners & hoteliers, we have something fascinating for each of you. 

    Hassle-Free Returns

    If you receive a damaged product from our end, we will replace or exchange it as soon as possible. 

    Excellent Customer Service

    If you have any doubts or queries, contact our customer support staff waiting to resolve all your concerns related to your order, including fast shipping and returns.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Queen-size beds.

    Q. Is a queen-sized bed bigger than a double bed?

    Yes, a queen size bed is bigger than a double bed. The dimensions of a queen-sized bed are typically 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, while the measurements of a double bed generally are 54 inches wide and 75 inches long. This shows that a queen-sized bed is wider and longer than a double bed.

    Q. Is queen size good for couples?

    As it provides more sleeping space than a double or full-size bed, it is mostly preferred by couples. Moreover, it doesn’t take as much floor space as a king-size bed. 

    Q. How can I decorate my queen-size double bed?

    Use various bedding options, such as a comforter, duvet, or quilt. You can use decorative pillows to create a visual interest in the bedroom.

    Q. What is the size of a queen-sized bed?

    The conventional size for a queen bed is 5 feet, 8 inches long by 6 feet, 40 inches wide. Bed frames are typically 65 inches wide by 85 inches long, so using these mattress dimensions, add another 2 to 5 inches in each direction to account for the headboard and footboard or 81 L x 60 W x 36 H is the standard measurement of a queen-size bed.

    Q. How do I maintain and clean my queen-size double bed?

    • Dust regularly with a clean cotton cloth. 
    • Avoid using too much water to clean it, as moisture isn’t good for wood.
    • You can use a wood polish or cleaner available in the market to maintain the shine and lustre of the wood. 
    • Avoid keeping your bed in a place overexposed to sunlight as it fades away from the finish. 
    • Use a vacuum cleaner with a crevice tool attachment to clean the dust from the bottom of the mattress.

    Queen Size Oak Wood bed

    Queen Size Oak Wood beds

    Queen Size Teak Wood bed

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    Queen Size Acacia Wood bed

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    Queen Size Sheesham Wood bed

    Akira Queen Size Sheesham Wood beds
    Akia Queen Size Sheesham Wood beds
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    Queen Size Walnut Wood bed

    Ahti Queen Size Walnut Wood Wood beds
    Dagmara Queen Size Walnut Wood Wood beds


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