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Book shelves

To house your most-prized possessions, Nismaaya Decor is bringing to you a huge collection of bookshelves crafted with high-quality woods. Helping you to display, store, and organise your favourite reads, this essential piece of furniture is for every home that reads.

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    Crafted to Last a Lifetime: Wooden Bookshelves Every Avid Reader Needs

    Designed by skilled craftsmen, the wooden buy bookshelves we offer online at Nismaaya Decor promise to keep your books systematically and make displaying your favorite reads in style easy. 

    You can put a Nismaaya Bookshelf anywhere from your living room to your office to your library. It's just a piece of furniture with shelves and drawers to store and show off your collection of books and other reading materials. A bookcase is an excellent storage solution, and it also improves the visual appeal of whatever room it's installed in. It can be propped up against plain walls to add visual interest, or it can be used to showcase ornaments. There is a wide selection of wooden bookcases offered on the web. Big or little? Would you like your sandwich open or closed? Bookshelf With or without windows? Discover the best selection of Corner Bookshelves here to find the one that's right for you, whether you're looking for a matchy-matchy bookcase or one with a more contrasting personality.

    Buy All Wooden Book shelves online That Meet the Needs of Every Booklover.

    When buying a bookshelf, plenty of options are available in the market. To cater to the needs of every book enthusiast, here are some popular choices of wooden bookshelves online and rattan bookcases that people love to bring home.

    Wall-Mounted Bookshelves

    As the name suggests, these are mounted on a plain wall and save enough floor space. Ideal for small rooms and compact areas, these wooden bookshelves can be customized to meet your design taste and personal choice. 

    Ladder Bookshelves

    This modern book shelves for sale suits homes with contemporary interior settings. It is called a ladder bookshelf because its design resembles a ladder.

    Corner Bookshelves

    Why do the corners of a room look drab and boring when you have corner bookshelves to fill them up? It is a perfect furniture item to enhance your interiors and keep your books stylish. They are meticulously designed to fit into a corner of a small living room and look great in both traditional and contemporary decor settings.  

    Freestanding bookshelves

    With multiple sections to organize enough reading material, this black and rattan bookshelf stands independently and is preferred for large living rooms. You can also choose from various designs and styles to complement your choices and needs. 

    Cube bookshelves

    With compartments that look like cubes, these bookshelves online are designed to give you a perfect framework to systematically organize your reads and keep souvenirs, keepsakes, and trophies. They are ideal for small to medium-sized living rooms and are a great option for modern and contemporary interiors.

    A Cost-effective Resource for Identifying the Finest  Bookshelf Online

    A bookshelf is much more than mere decor. It's a material embodiment of who you are, what you stand for, and what you've accomplished. Bookshelves, surprisingly, aren't simply for books anymore. Artwork and picture frames look wonderful when displayed on bookshelves. It's a popular pastime to adorn one's abode in a variety of ways. You may neatly arrange your artwork, photographs, files, and books. Doors on bookcases, especially see-through glass doors, allow a fast glance inside.

    We realize that not every bookcase style will work in every space. Nismaaya Decor has several options for decor that may be used in every room. A bookcase can serve as a partition rather than just being positioned against a wall. Bookshelves add to the decor of a room while also serving the practical purpose of storing books and periodicals. Create a personal library with Nismaaya Decor's beautiful selection of bookcase designs, but before you buy bookshelves online, read on for some guidance on how to choose the best bookcase for your needs. Our collection of bookcases includes options of all sizes and configurations, from floor models to cubes and beyond.

    Bookshelves That Stand Out: Why Choose Nismaaya Decor for Shopping Online?

    Though you may find several brands to buy book shelves for sale for your space,  Nismaaya Decor is a smart choice to experience unmatched quality, style, and functionality. Let’s see what makes us unique:

    Highest-quality solid wood

    We craft bookshelves and other furniture items with the finest quality solid woods, such as Teak, Sheesham, Mango wood, Oak, and European Walnut wood.

    Customised Furniture

    Every client's needs and demands are unique to us. Therefore, we create what you like at Nismaaya Decor. We offer customized services to perfectly fit your needs regarding storage space, wood quality, design, finishes, and budget. 

    Wide variety of designs

    At Nismaaya Decor, we offer rattan bookshelf in many designs and styles that work wonders for modern and traditional interiors. Embrace the charm of nature with rattan bookshelves, adding a touch of rustic elegance to your home decor and online shopping. From sleek open shelves to rustic pieces with doors and drawers, we have everything to satiate your decor style and personal taste. 

    Competitive prices

    A wooden bookshelf or a bookcase depends on various factors, such as the quality of wood used, design, materials, size, storage capacity, etc. We serve both upper-middle and elite-class buyers; thus, our online bookshelves' price range starts from INR 7400 and goes to INR 30,000. At Nismaaya Decor, the prices we offer are competitive. Feel free to compare our pricing structure with other brands and companies and buy wooden furniture online in India. 

    Get a home bookshelf from a reliable online store

    Restore order to your space. Nismaaya Decor offers several versions of simple and classic bookshelves for sale. This furniture is a favorite among all around the world thanks to its adaptability and convenient features like removable shelves and panel doors. For even additional space, you may attach a taller extension unit with more cupboards.

    Do you have bookshelves stacked to the ceiling and books strewn over your room? The bookcase from Nismaaya Decor has plenty of room inside the doors. You are welcome to showcase your whole book collection with family photographs and other memorabilia. The glass bookcase is perfect for that because it prevents dust from settling on your books.

    Our bookcases are available in a wide range of sizes, so you won't need a huge room to store your books. Nismaaya Decor has a wide variety of low-priced book shelves for sale perfect for any home library.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Book Shelves

    Q. How to choose the right bookshelf for your living room?

    To make a good purchase decision, you have to consider a few points, such as:

    • Size of the living room so that the bookshelf fits into the available space without making the room look cramped and cluttered. 
    • Keep the size of the bookshelf in mind by analyzing your storage requirements. If you have a huge collection to display, go for the large bookshelves. On the other hand, if you’ve got a small group of books, a wall-mounted bookshelf will be a perfect piece to vouch for. 
    • Choose a bookshelf that complements your interiors and home style. The best part about buying a wooden bookshelf is that it blends harmoniously with traditional and modern-themed interiors. Also, they look graceful and are highly durable. 
    • Last, consider the price and choose a bookshelf that fits your budget. You can get a nice wooden bookshelf at a fair price range only at Nismaaya Decor.

    Q. How do you organize your books on a bookshelf?

    Organizing books can be therapeutic for book lovers. Here are some unique tips and tricks you must try to upgrade your room decor and better arrange books.

    Arrange your books by size. Keep the tallest ones at the back of the shelf and short texts in front. 

    • You can also use bookends on the shelf to keep the reads from falling over. And sort out your books by categories and genres. For instance, keep fiction books on one shelf and non-fiction, thriller, and biographies on separate shelves to make it easy to find a particular genre book. 
    • Whether you want to stack books vertically or horizontally is your choice, but the horizontal style is more stable as it prevents readers from falling over.
    • To make the arrangement aesthetically pleasing, you can keep some decorative souvenirs or art pieces in one section/shelf. This will break the monotony of books and add personality to the room. 

    Q. What is the difference between a bookcase and a bookshelf?

    A bookshelf comes with shelves supported by brackets that can be used to display books and artistic decor pieces. On the other hand, a bookcase is a freestanding piece of furniture with multiple shelves and may look like a cabinet with doors and drawers. If you have a large collection of reading material and other things to store, you must opt for a bookcase as it gives additional storage space.  

    Q. How to ensure the quality of a bookshelf when shopping online?

    When buying a book's shelves online, it is essential to check whether or not the furniture brand/company is reliable. After thoroughly reading the product description of a bookshelf, checking their customers’ reviews, comparing prices, checking their return policy, and seeing photos of products, you can make a buying decision. 

    Large Book Shelves 

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    Medium Book Shelves

    Jeff Medium Book Shelves
    Jade Medium Book Shelves
    Jaden Medium Book Shelves
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    Bashar Medium Book Shelves


    Small Book Shelves

    Hebe Small Book Shelves
    Jadiel Small Book Shelves
    Jadine Small Book Shelves
    Bastijn Small Book Shelves
    Basim Small Book Shelves
    Darcila Small Book Shelves
    Darby Small Book Shelves

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