Sofa cum bed with storage

Sofa Cum Beds

A practical piece of furniture for compact spaces and apartments, a sofa cum bed, also known as sofa with beds serves as a comfortable couch to sit in during the day, and a warm, snuggle bed to sleep at night. Offering a wide range of stunning designs, Nismaaya Decor truly understands what exactly an Indian modern home needs.

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    Explore Sofa Cum Bed Designs That Complement Your Home Interiors

    We have many sofa cum bed designs that work wonders for contemporary or traditional interiors. Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality as you explore our versatile collection of rattan sofa cum beds, available for you to conveniently buy sofa cum bed online and transform your living spaces with ease. These multifunctional marvels provide comfort to guests and speak volumes about your personality and unique choices as a welcoming host.

    Purchase Bed Cum Sofa Set Online at Nismaaya at the Lowest Price in India

    For the lowest prices, Nismaaya provides a wide selection of premium couch beds online in India and also provides best Sofa cum bed price in India. Their clever space-saving solutions, which easily convert from a sofa with bed, are ideal for houses with limited room. Nismaaya offers long-lasting furniture and a comfortable sleeping experience with its sturdy materials. Easy browsing, safe online transactions, and doorstep delivery with professional assembly services are all made possible by their user-friendly website. Nismaaya, a reputable furniture manufacturer, offers a useful and reasonably priced solution for people looking for comfort and convenience in their living areas.

    Purchase a sofa-cum-bed from Nismaaya today and take advantage of owning an international collection from the top furniture manufacturer in India.

    Types of Bed cum sofa set Online Available at Nismaaya Decor

    To cater to the variety of needs of our esteemed clients, Nismaaya Decor is bringing different types of rattan sofas cum beds that will match every buyer’s decor taste, utility, and preferences. Experience convenient and hassle-free. Buy a Sofa cum bed Online here; you can explore a wide range of options, compare prices, and find the perfect piece to complement your living space. As every living room differs in size and style, there are many options in rattan sofas cum beds available online with us. Let’s have a look!

    Wooden Sofa Cum Beds

    Known for durability and sturdiness, sofa cum beds made of wood are the classic choice for conventional and modern homes. They are available in the most sought-after finishes, such as Teak, Oak, and Walnut, which never fail to add warmth and character to any room. If you want to add a timeless visual appeal to living room interiors, then vouch for a premium sofa cum bed for luxury interiors in wooden material.

    Upholstered Sofa Cum Beds

    Bringing maximum comfort and beauty to living rooms, upholstered sofa with beds can be customized to complement the decor of your interiors. You can choose from many textures, colors, and patterns, which come in removable covers, making it easy to wash or dry clean. With the convenience of Space-saving bed cum sofa set options, you can select this type of sofa cum bed to create a comfy and cozy living room.

    Trust only Nismaaya, and you will always have options. With a myriad of splendid designs, we promise to fill your space with a multitasking product that brings comfort and accentuates the beauty of your home by taking it to new heights.

    Wooden Sofa Cum Bed: A Great Investment for Everlasting Comfort

    In India, the demand for a wooden sofa cum bed is growing by leaps & bounds, making it an essential addition to a modern apartment with limited flooring space. If you wish to buy a wooden sofa cum bed online with storage for your apartment, then these are the different styles you can check out before making a purchase decision:

    • Traditional Style for Sofa Cum Bed 

    Inspired by centuries-old motifs and intricate designs, a conventional, latest wooden furniture design made from solid wood like Teak or rosewood will add a touch of culture and ethnic vibes to your home interiors. From ornate detailing to handcrafted carvings, Indian patterns will give an evergreen look to your ambience.

    • Modern Style for Sofa Cum Bed

    Keeping the minimalistic interiors and sleek designs in mind, you will find several online wooden bed cum sofas set in contemporary patterns. To create such fine pieces, lighter woods, such as Maple or Beech, are used by artisans. 

    • Contemporary Style for Sofa Cum Bed

    A perfect amalgamation of traditional and modern sofa cum bed designs, a stylish wooden sofa cum bed offers quirky patterns with a refined touch of ornate detailing.

    • Rustic Style for Sofa Cum Bed

    If you wish to introduce a Bohemian theme in your interiors, you can swear by a sofa cum bed wooden with a rustic style. It is all about using natural, rough finishes in warm & earthy hues. All set for a private cottage-like vibe? Go for it!

    Adding personality and flair to any room, these modern wooden sofa beds are becoming increasingly popular for their space-saving attributes, versatility, durability, and trendy styles. No matter which type you choose, there is a wooden sofa cum bed online shopping at Nismaaya Decor’s collection patiently waiting for you to own it.

    Find Stylish Sofa Cum Beds at Budget-Friendly Prices

    Elevate your living spaces with personalized charm – discover the freedom to design your furniture online with our exceptional collection of sofa set with beds, tailored to your style and preferences; at Nismaaya Decor, every sofa cum bed is offered at a price that perfectly defines its functionality, quality, design, material, and size. And why not? The sofa cum bed price is decided only after determining these factors stated below:

    • Size For Sofa Cum Bed

    Whether looking for a sofa cum bed online for a small room or to fill a large space with comfort and style, you must keep the size in mind so that the furniture fits well within your area and doesn’t look out of place.

    • Material For Sofa Cum Bed

    You need to pay for a sofa cum bed based on its material as well. Naturally, the oak wood sofa cum bed will be more expensive than the one made from metal. But if you have a decent budget, look for incredible options in comfy upholstered designs. 

    • Design For Sofa Cum Bed

    From luxurious models to simple yet stylish designs, the price range of sofa cum bed with storage varies based on appearance. Convertible, trundle and sectional corner Sofa bed couches appear more expensive and elegant; their price is usually higher than the futon and day bed sofa bed.

    Before making a purchase, you need to consider your needs and budget to get the best value for your money. Discover versatile space-saving solutions with our innovative beds that effortlessly transform into comfortable couches, adding style and functionality to your living spaces. For discerning clients who buy furniture online in India, Nismaaya Decor has exclusive discount deals. It offers to make it convenient for every homeowner to turn their space from drab to fab!

    Offering The Best of Both Worlds- Comfy Seating with Built-in Storage

    Besides sitting and lying down comfortably, if you are looking for a piece with good storage options, you can get your hands on sofa cum bed with storage compartments, pull-out drawers, or adjustable backs. These sofa cum bed designs offer maximum functionality and versatility; discover our sofa collation with the convenience of shopping for sofa cum bed online and all wooden products like 2-seater and 3-seater wooden sofas online. Please browse our extensive collection to find the perfect piece that combines style, comfort, and durability for your living space.

    The most common benefits of a sofa cum bed with storage are as follows:

    • Space-saving solution with three functions

    Buy a sofa cum bed online instead of purchasing a sofa, bed, and storage unit. Just one piece of furniture is enough to help you sit, lie down, and keep things in an organized manner. These sofa cum beds also come with shelves built into the frame to keep books, medicines, and other essentials close at hand.

    • Welcome, Overnight Guests with Warmth

    Stop fretting over making sleeping arrangements for your overnight guests, as a best sofa bed couch will rescue you. Besides providing your guests with a comfy bed, the under-bed storage box will help store their belongings, suitcases, extra sheets, pillows, and blankets.

    • Turn a Messy Room into a Neat Space

    With additional storage options like drawers built into your Two in one sofa, all scattered things and knickknacks will now have a space to rest, making your room look spic & span.

    At our store, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of high-quality sofa cum beds that combine the best of both worlds: the baked comfort of a bed that is the cuddling and stuffy feel of a sofa. If you’re in the market for a single sofa bed to place in the guest bedroom or something more opulent for the corner of the living room, we have everything in-between.

    Frequently Asked Questions for Sofa Cum Beds

    Q. What is the best material for a sofa cum bed?

    Sofa cum beds are made in different materials like velvet, leather, linen, wood, metal, and other fabrics, so it depends on your personal choice and other factors like budget, durability, and ease of maintenance that help you make a good purchase decision.

    Q. How to convert a sofa cum bed into a bed?

    Depending on the design of the sofa cum bed, the method may differ a little. However, the common mechanism is simple. Carefully pull the bottom of the sofa away from the backrest, allowing it to form the back of the bed. Once the bed is fully extended, you can use extra bedding or pillows for comfort. 

    Q. How to clean and maintain a sofa cum bed?

    You can vacuum the sofa cum bed twice weekly to keep dust and dirt at bay. If there are any spills or stains, clean them immediately with a clean cloth, but do not rub the stain harshly. You may find many fabric cleaners available in the market, but always buy them after considering the material of the sofa cum bed to avoid further damage. Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals as they may discolor the fabric.

    Q. What is the average cost of a sofa cum bed in India?

    Though the price range varies depending on the size, material, and design, the average cost of a stylish sofa cum bed in India can range from around ₹25,000 to ₹50,000. If you want to buy high-end models with premium features, it starts from ₹50,000 and above.

    Q. How to choose the right sofa cum bed for your living room?

    Make sure you consider the following factors before you buy a sofa cum bed with storage for your living room:

    Keep the size of your room in mind so that the sofa cum bed with storage fits comfortably in the space. Choose a material that satisfies your budget—comfort, design, durability, home decor aesthetics, ease of maintenance, etc.

    Sofa cum beds according to sizes-

    1. Three Seater Sofa Cum bed

    Comfynest 3 Seater
    Flexirest 3 Seater
    Tranquilix 3 Seater
    Relaximax 3 Seater
    Modalounge 3 Seater
    Trendirest 3 Seater
    Novadream 3 Seater
    Vivarest 3 Seater

    2. Two Seater Sofa Cum bed 

    Chicnap 2 Seater
    Evosofa 2 Seater
    Quiklounge 2 Seater
    Luxiblend 2 Seater


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