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Dining Chairs

Dining chairs not only enhance your dining experience by providing enough comfort but also accentuate the interiors of your abode with its beautifully crafted designs. Nismaaya Decor understands what fascinates you the most, and keeping your choices and needs in mind we have come up with a vast collection of dining table and chairs. Mindfully created by skilled furniture designers, these chairs will complement every kind of interior setting.

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    Dining Chairs: Elevating Your Dining Experience

    Nismaaya has everything you need when it comes to furniture. You can choose from a lot of different items at Nismaaya, like an eating table set or a sofa. One more benefit of shopping online is that you can compare prices and styles to find the best one for your needs. On top of that, you can easily pay online, and there are return policies that are very helpful. Nismaaya has some really cool designs for eating chairs that you should check out.

    As a company dealing with quality dining chairs, Nismaaya Decor excels in producing dining chair designs that are fashionable, comfortable, and long-lasting. We have an extensive collection of chairs each befitting the modern design with minimalistic examples to those that are regal and come with upholstery. Every product is made to order, with a lot of care put into the detail and using very sturdy, high-quality materials. If you plan to renovate your dining area or even start a completely new decor concept, you will find suitable dining chair design at Nismaaya Decor. Visit your selection today and make your interior more functional and beautiful with the help of Nismaaya Decor.

    Strong Wood chair for dining rooms

    It's always in style to use wood, and this Solid Wood Dining Chair will make your room look brand new. For Rs. 9,998, you can get this great set of two chairs with a distressed finish. These chairs are mostly made of mango wood, which is strong and lasts a long time.

    Metal chairs for dining rooms

    This Metallic Chair comes in a set of two pistachio green chairs. It costs Rs. 6,999 and is made of metal. If you want these chairs to feel softer, you can add pillows. Adding colorful cushions can also make the room look better. There is also an easy return policy for 7 days, which is a plus.

    Nismaaya has beautiful furniture styles that go with any home or style. It also comes with strong, long-lasting items that are of good quality.

    Dining Chairs set of 4: Making Every Meal Special 

    Your meal time has to be as special as your bond with your family & friends. Buying dining chairs set of 4 has incredible benefits and it is considered to be the most practical choice for compact apartments or homes with space constraints. Here’s why it is perfect for your abode-

    Perfect for Smaller Gatherings

    It is an ideal choice for smaller households where space is truly a concern. If you like to host intimate gatherings or enjoy a cosy dinner with your family, then use these dining chairs which can accommodate four adults comfortably. 

    Versatility in Usage

    As these chairs can be used in various rooms of your home, it is great to have a set of 4 for a variety of purposes. Besides using them in the dining area, you can effortlessly lift them up or drag them to the living room to extend the seating capacity especially when there are guests at home. Also, you can arrange them in patios to create an enjoyable outdoor seating area. 

    Aesthetic Harmony

    The best part about buying wooden dining chairs is that they can be beautifully infused with your dining area or living room along with other furniture units like a storage cabinet or a chest of drawers, creating a cohesive atmosphere.

    Ease of Conversation

    By arranging these four chairs around a table, it's easier to engage in conversations during meals. Also, it makes it easy to pass on the dishes while eating. 

    Space Efficiency

    A dining chair set of 4 maximises space as it can be easily placed in small apartments or homes with limited dining space. And you can easily tuck them away if not in use.  

    Variety of Styles

    Besides making every meal a memorable experience, these dining chairs come in various styles and designs. The choice is yours! Whether you prefer classic wooden dining chairs with arms or with upholstered seats, you can find a set of four that aligns with your personal taste and complements your existing decor.

    Why dining chairs are important?

    Dining chairs are an important part of making a dining room cosy and welcoming. They give you the support and relaxation you need for long meals, family get-togethers, and social events. Additionally, dining chairs add to the general look of your dining area by going well with the dining table chair design and other decorations. Nismaaya Decor knows how important dining chairs are and has a wide range of them to fit different tastes and home styles.

    Nismaaya Decor's High-End Dining Chairs Are The Perfect Accent For Your Dining Space.

    Our high-end selection of dining chairs will make you really comfortable as you enjoy your meals, whether you're having a romantic date night with your spouse or sitting with your family after work. You can tell the difference since it is soft, fluffy, and cushioned enough. The design of the chair for dining table is defined by a set of well-made dining chairs. To give your dining area a stunning makeover, Nismaaya Decor offers you a huge selection of dining chairs for sale online in India. You may get dining chairs online for a reasonable price depending on the capacity of your dining table and your preferred design. Some folks like making a full dining room set purchase. Nevertheless, substituting a set of dining chairs for an existing table is a great approach to updating the appearance overall.

    Additionally, you receive extra seats for visitors. If you don't have a separate dining room, set up a comfortable corner in the kitchen with a coffee table and a set of two dining chairs. You may also coordinate it with your current couch, bed, or sofa set to create a uniform and well-designed seating area. We have a variety of dining chairs to fit your needs, regardless of how big or small your area is. The cost of a dining chair on Nismaaya Decor might vary based on the size, style, and finishing. You may have any desired feature, from luxurious modern styles to comfort options.

    Visit Nismaaya Decor to view the newest dining chair styles, which include armed and unarmed chairs, parsons chairs, wingback chairs, ladder back chairs, slat back chairs, Windsor chairs, cross back chairs, lattice back chairs, splat back chairs, and keyhole back chairs. The trendy and contemporary designs will win you over.

    Factors to Keep in Mind While Buying Wooden Dining Chairs Online in India

    In India, families take immense pleasure in dining together as this is the time when everyone comes together and enjoys food over conversations. Thus, furnishing a dining room with the right dining table and chairs is paramount. If you want to buy wooden dining chairs online in India, then look no further but choose Nismaaya Decor.

    We take our honed Dining Table Chair designs as our strength to offer an extraordinary dining table chair that enhances the dining experience. There are all sorts of designs in our store, from the simplest and sleek appearances to the traditional luxurious ones and all of them are made using fine material with all the available precision. Whether you want to choose an upholstered chair with soft cushioning or a wooden structural framework, buyers can be sure only of comfort and endurance. Provide the necessary base for chairs that not only add to your dining table but are functional as well. Check out the beautiful furniture variety that Nismaaya Decor has in-store at the moment and make your dining area the best with the unique dining table chair designs.

    Here are a few key factors that you must consider before making a purchase decision:

    Measuring Dining Room Space and Style

    Before you buy wooden dining chairs, assess the overall dining room size and its layout to check whether or not the desired set will fit into the space comfortably. In addition, keep in consideration the style and decor of your space so that you can bring home a design that harmoniously blends in with the existing furniture units. Last but not least, determine the number of chairs you need based on your requirements and your dining table chair size. 

    Wood Type and Finish

    At Nismaaya Decor, we specialize in crafting dining chairs and other furniture units in solid woods, such as Oak, Teak, Walnut, etc. Though we infuse other materials in the wood to give a designer visual appeal, you can choose and get the product customized according to your preference. Pick a wood type or finish that ensures durability and takes care of the aesthetics. 

    Chair Design and Comfort

    Whether you want a traditional design or a chic, contemporary one, it should go well with your interiors. Also, check for ergonomic features for comfort during meals. Make sure you opt for chairs with appropriate backrests and seat height.

    Budget Considerations

    Set a budget for buying dinning chairs for your home and always look for discount options or promotion coupons. 

    When you invest in the right wooden dining chairs, you bring much-needed comfort to your dining area and turn it into an inviting and stylish space for meals and gatherings. Make a well-informed choice that suits your style, budget, and functional needs. 

    Cleaning and Maintenance Tips: Keep Your Dining Chairs in Good Condition for Years

    From wooden dinning chairs with arms to chairs with upholstered seats, every unique design will witness all the fun-loving gatherings and shared meals. To ensure that these chairs stay with you for many years in good condition, take these cleaning and maintenance tips to preserve their beauty and longevity. 

    • Regularly dusting the chairs using a soft, cotton cloth. 
    • Avoid the usage of harsh chemicals or abrasive materials as they could rip off the chairs’ finish. 
    • Act quickly when there are spills and stains. 
    •  No wood is susceptible to harsh UV rays or direct sunlight as it fades, warps, or causes it to crack. Thus, don’t place your dining chairs near sources of extreme temperature or humidity.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Dining Chairs

    Q. What size should a dining chair be?

    The height should be around 18 to 19 inches (45 to 48 centimeters). The seat depth should be approximately 16 to 18 inches (40 to 46 centimeters), and the seat width can vary, but it should typically be around 18 to 20 inches (45 to 50 centimeters). 

    Q. Should dining chairs be taller than the table?

    No, generally the dining chairs should not be taller than the table as it can lead to an uncomfortable dining experience. You may have to strain your arms or shoulders to reach the table's surface, making it difficult to eat comfortably.

    Q. What makes a good dining chair?

    The combination of quality, comfort, and design makes a perfect dining chair.

    Q. What are the types of dining chairs?

    Upholstered dining chairs, wooden dining chairs, and dining chairs with arms or without armrests are some most preferred options. 

    Q. Which chair is best for a dining table?

    With wooden tables, wooden chairs work best. Wooden dining chairs are your best option if you want to give your dining area a country, retro, vintage, or rustic atmosphere.

    Q. How much do chairs usually cost?

    There is a wide pricing range to deal with because the cost of a quality dining chair ranges from around Rs. 4500 to over Rs. 17000.

    Q. How much room do dining chairs need?

    Around a dining table, seats should be positioned around 24 to 30 inches away from one another. This provides enough room for each individual to sit comfortably and walk around the table, as well as enough room for serving platters and dishes.

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