Console Tables

If you are looking for a visually appealing storage solution for your home, then nothing can beat the functionality and beauty of console tables. They are the versatile pieces of furniture which are available in a plethora of designs- from sleek & contemporary to traditional with finest detailing. Besides providing practical storage solutions, this furniture unit also provides display options. Whether you're seeking a statement piece or a subtle addition, console tables offer endless possibilities for enhancing your living space.

Jedi Mango Wood & Rattan, Iron Console TableJedi Mango Wood & Rattan, Iron Console Table
Rs. 25,999

Jedi Mango Wood & Rattan, Iron Console Table

Material Mango Wood & Rattan, Iron                                                 ...
Eris Solid Mango Wood Console TableEris Solid Mango Wood Console Table
Rs. 41,999

Eris Solid Mango Wood Console Table

Material Mango Wood                                                       ...
Nismaaya Adnan Solid Wood 2 Tier Entryway Console Table With DrawersNismaaya Adnan Solid Wood 2 Tier Entryway Console Table With Drawers
Rs. 29,999 Rs. 16,999

Nismaaya Adnan Solid Wood 2 Tier Entryway Console Table With Drawers

Material Sheesham Wood                                                       ...
On Sale
Nismaaya Admon Solid Wood Console Hall Table With 3 DrawersNismaaya Admon Solid Wood Console Hall Table With 3 Drawers
Rs. 21,999

Nismaaya Admon Solid Wood Console Hall Table With 3 Drawers

Material Sheesham Wood                                                       ...
Nismaaya Admir 2 Tier Solid Wood Console Hall Table with 3 DrawersNismaaya Admir 2 Tier Solid Wood Console Hall Table with 3 Drawers
Rs. 16,999

Nismaaya Admir 2 Tier Solid Wood Console Hall Table with 3 Drawers

Material Sheesham Wood                                                       ...
Nismaaya Admetus Rustic Solid Wood Console Table with 2 DrawersNismaaya Admetus Rustic Solid Wood Console Table with 2 Drawers
Rs. 14,999

Nismaaya Admetus Rustic Solid Wood Console Table with 2 Drawers

Material Sheesham Wood                                                       ...

Console Tables: Explore A Variety of Designs & Styles at Nismaaya Decor

Featuring unique designs, finishes, and sizes, you can buy console table online considering your distinctive choices and requirements. In our collection, each piece has its own identity, beauty, and functionality. Let’s see what all we have to offer:

Classy & Traditional Console Tables

Made from rich solidwoods, such as Oak, Teak, Mahogany, Walnut, and Mango, these console tables exude the timeless charm as they flaunt intricate carving and finest detailing. Typically, they have glossy finishes with brass accents to give these pieces a royal appearance. Coming to the shapes, these are often designed in rectangular structure with curved legs and edges that make the product even more graceful. 

Chic & Modern Console Tables

A modern console table reflects the subtle elegance of minimalism. It features clean lines and simple designs that look great in contemporary decor settings. The common materials used to craft a modern console table are fine woods like teak and walnut, glass for a polished appearance, and metal. Mostly the finishes are matt and satin with the creative use of contrasting or monochromatic colour scheme. These tables are available in rectangle and square shapes as they prioritise simplicity and sophistication. 

Rustic Console Tables

To create rustic console tables, our craftsmen use materials from reclaimed and distressed wood, which create a sense of organic touch and natural imperfections. If you like your product to feature hand-crafted details, then opt for a rattan console table which is meticulously built using rattan, a stem of palms found in tropical forests. These tables add a casual & nature-inspired look to the decor. 

Make sure that you always have the leeway to mix and match these styles and materials as we also provide you with the option of customisation. Tell us the design, style, size, and material you want us to keep in mind, and put your feet up & relax. We will deliver the console table that will indeed suit your personal taste and the overall decor of your space.

Buy Console Table Online: How to Enhance Different Areas of Your Abode?

Like we said earlier that console tables are versatile pieces of furniture, they can be used in a variety of ways in different areas of your sanctuary. Let’s see how console tables add style and functionality to every room:

Entryways: Welcome Guests in Style

The moment your guests enter your home, they are first exposed to the entryway. Keep a modern console table in your entryway as a statement piece to welcome your guests in style. It instantly becomes a focal point and makes it convenient for you to keep your vehicle keys, courier envelopes, bill receipts, and other essentials that we often tend to lose. In addition, when you buy a console table online, you can use its surface or top to display some interesting decorative pieces like flower vase, artwork, family photographs, etc.

Living Rooms: Add Warmth to the Ambience

Your living room reflects your personality and lifestyle. The way you decorate it represents who you are and what you adore the most. Arrange a corner console table to accentuate the beauty of a drab, empty corner and use it to display sculptures, souvenirs or even plants that add warmth to the space. It turns an ordinary area into an inviting retreat which immediately puts everyone at ease. 

Dining Rooms: Make Serving Your Guests Easy

An exquisite rattan console table can also be used to store your glassware, liquor bottles, dinnerware, etc. Thus, during house parties and social gatherings, it will be easier for you to serve your guests. You can keep the glasses, serving dishes, and other dining essentials on the surface of the console table for easy access. 

Bedrooms: Keep It Organised & Clutter-free

Your bedroom is the only place where you expect to get ultimate comfort and relaxation, and unless it is neat and organised you cannot call it your tranquil oasis. Use this utility product in your bedroom to store your makeup kit, fashion accessories, hairstyling tools, etc. In its spacious drawers, you can store your necessary items that you may find difficult to find during morning office hours. A sleek and minimalist console table in the bedroom with a round mirror creates a functional and stylish vanity area.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing the right Console Table for Your Home

As there is a plethora of choices available, buying a console table online can sometimes be overwhelming. Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality with our exclusive range of customized furniture online in India, tailored to suit your unique taste and preferences. To ease the purchasing process, here are some of the essential factors for you to consider:

Size and Dimensions

Before you bring home a modern console table to your home, it is imperative to measure your space where you are planning to install it. Ensure that the size and dimensions of the table is proportionate to the size of the available space in your home so that it fits into the area without overcrowding it. 

Material and Finish Selection

Always choose a console table crafted with a durable material that lasts a lifetime and continues to serve you for many years to come. At Nismaaya Decor, we specialise in crafting furniture units using premium-quality solid woods, such as Oak, Teak, Walnut, and Mahogany. In addition, select a finish that complements your interior decor. For instance, a dark wood finish will look great in traditional furniture online settings, or a matte finish for modern spaces.

Seamlessly Blending with Your Interior Decor

Maintain consistency in decor style by bringing a console table which harmonises with the existing home decor and other furniture units. From the colour of the wood to the pattern and design, make sure the design elements of this piece complement your home interiors. Having said that, you can even do some experiment by mixing some styles for an eclectic look. 

Functionality and Storage Needs

Ask yourself- what is the purpose of buying a console table? If you need a practical storage solution while also adding a flavour of aesthetics to the ambience, then look for a piece with proper drawers and compartments. These cabinets will help you keep the home clutter-free and more organised. 

Budget Considerations

Every console table in our collection is unique and so is its price range. The cost varies depending on several factors, such as size, materials, designs, etc. Thus, make sure you set a realistic budget for yourself and choose a price range filter to make the selection process easy-peasy. 

Buy a console table online from us which should not only meet your practical needs but also enhance the beauty of your ambiance. Take your time exploring different options, and choose nothing but the best!

Console Tables: Care & Maintenance Techniques to Follow

With proper care and maintenance, you can keep your console table looking its best for several generations. Using these special care and maintenance techniques, you can preserve its beauty and functionality over time. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Console Tables

Q1. What are console tables used for?

Console tables can be placed anywhere in the house and serve many purposes. They are a versatile piece of furniture to maximise storage options and display decorative items to enhance beauty of the ambience. 

Q2. What is the difference between a table and a console?

The coffee tables are often kept in the middle of the sofa set in the living room to serve guests with beverages and snacks. On the other hand, a console table is comparatively taller in height and comes with drawers and compartments to provide storage solutions. 

Q3. What is the price of the modern console table?

At Nismaaya Decor, the price range of a console table starts from INR 14,999 and goes up to INR 25,999. The cost varies depending on some factors, such as size, quality of materials, design, and storage options. 

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