6 Seater Dining Table Sets

Your search for the six seater dining table ends with Nismaaya Decor. From hosting a lunch or dinner party for friends to enjoying everyday meals time with family, you surely need a 6 person dining table set crafted with premium quality wood and other materials. Find a perfect match for your home and enhance the pleasure of dining.

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    Spacious and Stylish: Benefits of 6 Seater Dining Table Sets

    A perfect centrepiece for a dining room, this furniture unit has a lot of benefits which will make you fall for it instantly. Our elegant 6 seater round dining table is the perfect place to bring your loved ones together for a memorable time spent together while enjoying your meals.

    Ample seating capacity

    Offering a generous seating capacity for enjoying meals together, wooden  & rattan 6-seater dining table sets  can comfortably accommodate 6 persons in the family or guests. You may find a plethora of designs to complement your needs, check out our collection and pick your favourite piece to upgrade your dining experiences.

    High Versatility

    A dining table 6 seater is a highly versatile piece of furniture that is used for everyday meals and also for special occasions when hosting friends and guests on celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, etc. 

    Improving meal time with a stylish centerpiece

    No matter how delectable the food is, the right six seater dining table and beautiful ambiance impact the overall dining experience, making it more enjoyable and pleasant. The presence of a stylish cross-leg round dining table 6 person accentuates the beauty of your dining space, ensuring that each person dines in style with complete delight with a modern table chair set.

    A Plethora of design options for every style of interior

    Every homeowner has a distinctive design quotient and styles their dwelling in a way that reflects their personality and choices. No matter which decor theme or interior design dominates the nook and cranny of your space, Nismaaya offers a wooden dining table 6 seater that suits home aesthetics. Also, with the availability of finishes, colour options, upholstery, and additional features like extendable tables, foldable chairs or storage options, you can bring home a dining table 6 seater set that meets all your requirements.

    A Guide to Buying Six Seater Dining Table for Creating Lasting Memories Over Meals

    Yes, it is quite clear that a six seater dining table is much greater than the mere ordinary necessity and gives us hope that besides the food we share on it with friends or families, great moments of joy, laughter or even discussions are made on it as well. Potential buyers of modern dining table set 6 seaters should consider getting the buying guide from the experts. They also come in a modern style and will be a great addition to any dining rooms while offering ample space for such events as family dinners for 6 people. Before you make a final decision on which modern dining table set 6 seaters to purchase, ensure that the sizes match that of your dining area and the designs blend well with the other furniture pieces in your home. In regard to chairs used for dining, this restaurant is furnished with different stylish and functional designs which are available from Nismaaya Decor. Explore our collection today!

    Consider the availability of space

    Measure the dimensions of your dining room to ensure that it gives enough room for diners to pull out chairs and walk comfortably around the space.

    Look for shape and style

    From round to square and rectangular, six-seater dining tables come in various shapes. Choose the one that aligns with the aesthetic preferences of your home along with your space constraints.

    Material and durability

    A wooden dining table 6 seater is known to be a worthy investment because it means making an investment that is going to last for a longer period. So when selecting its most appropriate model, the size of the 6 seater dining table size must also be taken into consideration to fit the size of your dining area appropriately. Some of the contemporary coffee tables are designed using glass, metal, and other composite material and as much as they provide enhanced aesthetic value as compared to those made from solid woods like teak and oak, they have their share of limitations, one of which is poor stability and durability. A well-chosen wooden dining table 6 seater having the right size of the 6 seater dining set can improve the looks of your dining area for many years in future and will suffice to your utility with its functionality and appearance of class.

    Budget considerations

    The dining table 6 seater price ranges starts from INR 18999 and goes up to INR 99999.   The price varies depending on several functions like size, shape, upholstery, material, design, additional storage, etc. Our vast collection of single dining tablerattan dining chairs & tables may spoil you for choices, making it tough for you to select a piece for your home. Thus, make sure you set a budget before embarking on your search as it will narrow down your search and help you in making a wise purchase decision.

    Buy 6 Seater Dining Table Sets Online in India from Nismaaya Decor 

    Being a highly trusted online furniture seller in IndiaNismaaya Decor has become a household name when it comes to buying exclusive pieces of furniture to style spaces with elegance and comfort. Here’s what stands us truly apart:

    • Timeless collection of designer furniture units 
    • Expert team of furniture makers and craftsmen
    • Affordable pricing strategy
    • Round-the-clock customer support staff
    • Free shipping 
    • Use of premium quality solid woods
    • Easy customisation solutions  
    • Refund policy, and many more. 

    You may have heard that it’s easy to bond over good food, but now you can see it happening when you host many lunch and dinner parties for your close ones. Choose the right dining table from Nismaaya Decor and let everyone enjoy rich and memorable meals together. For larger gatherings, a round 6 seater dining table is perfect for creating an inclusive atmosphere where everyone can interact easily. For a nuclear family, we have a wide range of 4-seater dining table sets and dining sets for 2. Check out our collection and buy a round 6 seater dining table or other wooden furniture online to enhance your dining experience.

    Discover the perfect dining table for your space with our wide range of options, including 6 seater dining table size that ensure comfortable seating and a delightful dining experience for you and your loved ones.

    Frequently Asked Questions About 6-Seater Dining Table Sets

    Q. How long is a standard 6-seater dining table?

    The standard length of a dining table set is around 60 to 72 inches and 36 inches in width. This size gives ample space for adults to dine comfortably. 

    Q. What are the types of 6-seater dining tables?

    Nismaaya Decor offers a wide range of 6-seater dining table sets including - wooden, metal, and glass dining table sets with or without storage options. Also, we have a variety of shapes, such as round, rectangular, oval, and square according to your needs. 

    Q. What is the price of an average 6-seater dining table?

    Depending on the type of wood, upholstery material, size, and design, the cost of a dining table 6 seater starts from INR 18999 to INR 99999.

    Q. How many people can sit at a 6 seater rectangle dining table?

    A regular size 6 seater rectangle dining table can accommodate 6 adults comfortably. 

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