Beat the Heat in Style: Summer Furniture Trends & Tips for a Cool & Inviting Space

With the arrival of the scorching heat of summer, it is time to make a refreshing change not only in the way you dress up, but also in the kind of colour schemes, fabrics, and furniture materials you use for home decor. Buy the best wooden furniture for home that is not only stylish and functional but also comforting in this hot weather. At Nismaaya Decor, we offer a huge collection of furniture units that will help you create a cool and inviting vibe in your home. Here are some summer furniture trends you must follow:

Choose Nature-Inspired Materials 

In the summer, we all get an urge to sit outdoors in the late evening and spend quality time with loved ones. Create a nice, relaxing outdoor patio or sitting area by arranging a lightweight furniture unit made from wicker and rattan. As the best online furniture store in India, we take care of our buyers’ comfort the most and have introduced rattan chairs, ottomans, lounge chairs, and benches that you can purchase to set up a cozy and inviting area to chill and simply relax.

These natural materials are making a comeback as they are lightweight, can be moved easily, and complement natural surroundings. Besides rattan, we use solid wood to build all the furniture units, such as teak, oak, Sheesham, and walnut, authentically sourced from certified forests. Featuring natural beauty and durability, buy wooden furniture online from us so that you can enhance the charm and grace of interiors as well as exteriors in the summer season. 

Use Breathable Upholstery Fabrics

To find stylish wooden furniture in India, you need not look anywhere else, as Nismaaya Decor promises to offer you chic and trendy furniture items that are ideal for all seasons. However, as we are focusing on summer, you certainly need something that makes you feel breezy and fresh. You can explore the sofa sets and lounge chairs with breathable upholstery for a cool and inviting living space. Choose fabrics for your outdoor furniture units that are easy to clean and resistant to fading. In summer, when you sit for extended hours on leather sofas, you will surely feel sweaty at the back, leading to discomfort.

Nevertheless, good-quality fabrics absorb the sweat, and make it comfortable to sit on them for long hours, especially when there is a party or a get-together at home. Also, when you buy furniture online from us, you get an opportunity to get your piece customized. Share with us your choice of fabric considering the searing heat of summer, and we will make a furniture unit out of your chosen fabric while keeping your other requirements like dimensions, colour, and designs in mind. 

Buy Multi-functional Furniture Units for Outdoor Gatherings

Like we’ve said earlier, summer is the season to enjoy the fresh morning breeze and late evenings outdoors, you need multifunctional furniture units to sit on and chill for some time. These furniture pieces serve multiple purposes to make the most of your outdoor space. You can buy benches to extend the seating arrangements, convertible sofas, and beds which can be transformed in a few seconds to meet your comfort needs. These versatile pieces can be used as seating during the day and transformed into a cozy bed for lounging or stargazing at night. Such a beautiful arrangement of furniture units gives you a reason to take some time off and spend quality time in the lap of nature. 

Set an Alfresco Dining 

To enjoy outdoor dining, you can opt for rattan tables and chairs that offer an organic, natural appearance and ensure durability. To make your meal times even more enjoyable, create a visually stimulating ambiance using colour rug, and stylish accessories like throw pillows and cushions. With the use of vibrant colors and patterns, you can create an outdoor space that overflows with beauty and comfort. 

A Quick Recap to Create a Cool & Inviting Space in Summer:

  • Buy wooden furniture for home interiors or outdoors crafted using natural materials like rattan and wicker. 
  • Create cozy conversation areas to relax and unwind with your partner. 
  • Choose a colour palette and design patterns that reflect the cool and calming vibes of summer, such as blues, greens, and neutrals.
  • You must incorporate plants to add a touch of nature and create a welcoming environment for your guests. 
  • Properly clean and maintain the beauty of your outdoor furniture for several years to come. 

Incorporate these summer furniture trends and tips to create a cool and inviting outdoor space. Whether you want to read a book in a quiet nook or wish to enjoy conversations with friends on a patio or host a barbeque, with the arrangement of the right furniture units, you will be able to enjoy the summer season and create memories you will cherish forever. Transform your home into a perfect summer retreat and thank us later.