Experience Restful Sleep :A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing a Perfect Bed Design

They say a good night’s sleep sums up a good life, and we couldn’t agree more. Better sleep contributes to higher productivity at the workspace, creative thoughts, a happy mood, and overall well-being. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to certain factors while purchasing a double bed for your bedroom space. Amidst the smorgasbord of styles and designs available in our vast collection, this blog post will guide you on how to choose the right bed design that perfectly aligns with your decor preferences and fulfills your functional and comfort needs. Let’s take a read:

1. Be Aware of all the Available Bed Designs

To choose nothing but the best, it’s essential for you to be cognizant of all the popular double bed designs. In our collection, you can find the following designs that elevate the interiors of your bedroom.

Traditional Hand-Carved Beds: Crafted from solid wood for high durability, these double beds are meticulously designed and handcarved by our skilled artisans. The complex, intricate designs on the headboard look marvellous, creating a royal ambiance. Adding a touch of opulence and grandeur, this traditional design has its own timeless charm that will continue to enchant for years to come.

Rattan beds: Inspired by the everlasting beauty of nature, these rattan double beds are built using rattan stems and premium-quality oak wood. This design adds a cozy and inviting touch to the ambiance, ensuring that your bedroom looks more peaceful and serene.

Boucle Fabric Upholstered Beds: Providing maximized comfort with proper back and neck support, this design in double beds is extremely popular as it exudes a sophisticated and elegant feel. You can choose the upholstery material according to your choice, as we offer customised solutions as well.

Wooden Double Beds with Sleek Design: Featuring minimalistic designs and subtle patterns on the headboard, Nismaaya Decor offers wooden double beds crafted using Sheesham in refined finishes. These designs, inspired by modern interpretations, harmoniously blend with contemporary bedroom decor settings.
Storage double beds: Offering built-in storage options like drawers and lift-up mechanisms, the storage double beds are a perfect investment to keep your room clutter-free and more organised.

2. Keep a Check on Measurements & Room Layout

Now that you are informed about all the popular bed designs available with Nismaaya Decor, it’s time to focus on the dimensions of the bedroom. An ideal design will never overwhelm the space; rather, it will create a sense of balance and harmony in the space. In large rooms, you can still choose a bulky or grand design, but always remember that sleek profiles and subtle designs make the area look spacious.

3. Pick a Design That Enhances the Aesthetics of Your Bedroom

The double bed design you choose should appear congruent with the existing room decor and furniture units. The unit should not stick out like a sore thumb, looking out of place. If your room exudes traditional vibes with all classic decor elements, then swear by a hand-carved bed with intricate patterns for an ethnic touch. On the other hand, if your interiors have a contemporary feel, then opt for wooden beds with sleek designs. Also, pay attention to the colour of the wood, finish, and material of the upholstery.

4. Design That Provides Ultimate Comfort

Ultimately, the purpose of buying a double bed is to elevate your relaxing experience. Thus, make sure that the design you choose provides adequate support while reading or lounging after a long day at work. Look for designs with heavy and sturdy headboards with soft cushioned upholstery. They are great for posture and mitigate the chances of neck and back pain.

5. Look for Options with Storage Space

Explore designs that offer storage solutions for keeping extra bedding, pillows, bedsheets, and kids’ toys systematically. Otherwise, it becomes a challenge to store these essentials, which further makes the bedroom look cluttered and unorganised. Look for bed designs that offer built-in drawers or lift-up compartments to keep your stuff. It can truly be a game changer in keeping your bedroom spick and span.

6. Consider Designs That Fall Within Your Budget

As a wise buyer, you must have thought of a realistic budget to buy a comfortable and stylish bed design for your personal sanctuary. Well, keep it in mind and explore options. The double bed price is influenced by various factors, such as quality of the material, size, complexity of design, materials used, etc. Set a budget beforehand and invest in a quality bed that ensures long-term comfort and longevity.

The design of your bed is certain to impact the overall beauty of your bedroom, which eventually affects your ability to sleep well and be productive throughout. Therefore, take this decision wisely. If you ever feel the need to connect with our furniture consultants, approach us anytime of the day and seek guidance. We will help you enhance your sleeping experience by helping you choose the best double bed design that is not only exquisite but meets functional needs as well.