Holi Hai: Ways to Bring A Splash of Colors in Your Decor

From getting drenched in the vibrant colours to dancing our hearts out on upbeat songs and relishing traditional sweets, Holi- a festival of colours is just around the corner to get us indulged in the spirit of celebration. Amidst all the playful splashing of colours, We, at Nismaaya Decor, want to throw some light on how these colours inspire and enhance home decor.

Every colour has a story to tell, and a significant role to play as each of them greatly impacts our moods and the way we feel. Let’s learn the significance of each of these colours and explore the ways we can incorporate them into our home interiors for better living.

Sofa set

Incorporate the Colours of Holi Using Custom Furniture Available with Nismaaya Decor

Red: The colour of love and passion, you can use red cushions, throw pillows, rugs, and even accent walls to add a touch of vibrancy to dull interiors. As the best online furniture store in India, Nismaaya Decor offers customised furniture units like sofa sets and accent chairs in the upholstery of your choice. From fabric to colour, we have a plethora of options that you can choose from in accordance with your personal taste and decor preference.

Yellow: Representing warmth and happiness, yellow is truly the colour of joy and happiness. To use this colour in your home decor, you can bring home sun-kissed curtains, a yellow-themed artwork to adorn a barren wall or any other decorative accessory in yellow colour like a dream catcher. Besides, you can buy wooden furniture online from us and choose the upholstery fabric in a yellow shade. From fabric sofas to wing chairs, choose the furniture unit and get it tailor-made in the warm variant of yellow for a cheerful ambience.

Blue: Signifying tranquillity and peace, you can make use of blue colour in your bedroom. From buying curtains to rugs and sofa covers in bluish-colour tones with a mix of other neutral hues, you can style your interiors using this shade in a plethora of ways.

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Elevate the Decor of Different Areas in Your Home with the Right Choice of Colors

Here are some of the major areas in your living space that can be instantly upgraded with the right choice of hues. Let’s explore them:

Living Room: As this room of your home is often exposed to guests and friends, make sure you make the ambience even more inviting and welcoming with the use of colours like yellow, red, and blue with the combination of earthy tones like grey, white, beige, sand, etc.

Bedroom: The impact of neural and calming colours in bedrooms is such that you feel more relaxed and comfortable. With the use of soothing tones, the ambience in the bedroom becomes more serene. Perhaps this is the reason why people prefer using wooden furniture that not only ensures durability and timeless grace but adds warmth to the space like never before. The use of natural materials like wood in furniture creates an environment that makes you feel close to the glory of nature.

Outdoor Spaces: For outdoor seating areas, like a patio, you can buy custom furniture online featuring solid wood and rattan stems. The texture and nature-inspired silhouette of these units look stunning along with the surroundings of colourful gardens and environment.

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DIY Decor Projects Inspired by the Splashes of Holi

Bring your creative ideas to life using these DIY decor tips inspired by the festival of colours.

Create a Holi-Inspired Artwork on a Drab Wall: If you enjoy paintings and find mandala art interesting, then you can make colourful abstract art or painting with the choice of your colours and hang it on a barren wall.

Colourful Rangoli from Flower Petals: This Holi, do something enjoyable with your family and friends and create intriguing rangoli patterns at the entrance of our home using colourful flower petals. This will surely make your guests feel inviting and welcoming.

Customised Decor Items: You can also repaint the old furniture items in striking, vivid colours to make them look interesting. From a study table to a double bed frame, the fresh coat of colour will add personality to the space, making the interiors look revitalised.

Akia Solid Sheesham Wood Bed

As Holi also marks the arrival of spring, you can make your home interiors look visually appealing by using spring-themed artwork and decor accessories. Use paintings or artwork featuring colourful flowers, and they will instantly become a conversation starter amongst your guests.

At Nismaaya Decor, find handmade furniture for sale to celebrate Holi with unforgettable memories and good cheer. Explore our vast collection and give your home an eye-appealing makeover that will make it stand out. For exclusive discount offers and best price deals, connect with us at the earliest. Place an order now!