How to Style Your Bedroom Around a Solid Wood Chest of Drawers?

A quintessential piece of furniture crafted using solid wood, a wooden chest of drawers changes the dynamics of your bedroom decor with its stunning presence. With the inherent attributes of functionality and visual appeal, Nismaaya Decor is introducing some incredible wooden chest of drawers designs that will complement any type of bedroom decor setting, from traditional to modern and eclectic. 

Amongst all the existing furniture units in your bedroom, it is not easy to install a new one without overwhelming the space, and thus it is essential to learn some tips on how to style and make use of newly bought solid wood chest of drawers in your bedroom. In this blog, you will get all your answers, ensuring that your personal sanctuary transforms into a haven of retreat, spewing maximum comfort and beauty.

Understanding the Different Types of Solid Wood Chest of Drawers Available at Nismaaya Decor

In our vast collection, you will experience the beauty of diversity. We use a variety of solid wood with distinctive attributes and appearance. For instance, we use oak wood, which is rarely found in India, and is imported by only a few online wooden furniture stores. Nismaaya Decor is one of those top-notch brands that create visually appealing and highly-durable units using premium-quality oak wood. On the other hand, we use walnut wood which is known for its warmth and richness. Teak is highly resistant to warping and fading, ensuring that the solid wood chest of drawers continue to serve you for many years to come. Besides adorning your room with an exquisite chest, it ensures that your room looks clutter-free and organised every time. With built-in drawers and compartments, you can maximise your storage space, ensuring all your essentials are safely kept and can be accessed easily whenever needed.

Be it any decor style, you will certainly find a chest of drawers for bedroom that will perfectly go with the current theme. A traditional chest adds a sense of elegance, while a modern design infuses sleekness and simplicity. Besides, make sure you pay attention to its size as the chest should align with the room’s dimensions. A too large chest will overwhelm a small room or a small chest in a large bedroom will go unnoticed and look unappealing. Finding the right balance is key to creating the best bedroom layout.

Taking Color Palette and Theme into Consideration 

To style your bedroom around the wooden chest of drawers designs, pay attention to the wood’s colour tone and grain pattern. The base colour palette of our bedroom should harmonise with the colour of the chest for a cohesive look. There are darker shades as well as lighter tones available with us. If you prefer to buy a light wood chest, then the bedroom’s theme can be minimalistic or coastal. On the other hand, a dark wood chest with intricate carvings and ornate detailing will look simply perfect with a traditional, classic theme.

Elevating the Ambience of Bedroom by Accessorising the Chest of Drawers 

Before you get into the process of elevating the beauty of your bedroom in harmony with the wooden chest of drawers, the most important thing is to decide whether you wish to make a bold statement with a single striking piece like a large vase or a sculpture or wish to create a layered look with smaller yet beautiful accessories for adding more depth and character. Keep these tips in mind that will enhance the functionality and grace of your bedroom:

  • Infuse some practical and decorative items into the decor, such as lamps, candle stands, jewellery boxes, artwork, etc. You can rest these objects beautifully on the top surface of wooden chest of drawers. These small yet significant decorative pieces seamlessly blend with the style of the chest, ensuring an elegant display.
  • Upgrade the interiors of your bedroom by highlighting your personality. Simply make those things visible that are a part of your personality. For instance, if you are an avid reader and your whole world revolves around good books, then you can use bookends and arrange your finest collection on the surface of the chest. This way, you can create a dynamic look in the bedroom while also reflecting your personality and character. In addition, never be afraid of playing with texture through the inclusion of diverse materials like metal, glass, and wood for a creative decor. 
  • Hang a large artwork on the wall right above the solid wood chest of drawers as it will change the look of the ambience to a great extent. It will help you create a focal point that no one can afford to miss out on looking at. You can also hang a decorative and stylish mirror that compliments the bedroom's colour scheme and theme. 
Buy chest of drawers from Nismaaya Decor and give your sanctuary a stunning makeover while keeping your room clutter-free, organised, and exquisite in all the ways. Place an order today for exclusive discount offers.