The Pros and Cons of Wall Mounted TV Units

Giving your living room a stylish visual appeal, a wall mounted TV unit is a popular furniture unit that elevates the look of interiors as well as enhances your TV viewing experience. 

With a seamless fusion of style and functionality, these sleek fixtures on the wall transform a boring space into a captivating entertainment hub. Nevertheless, as every coin has two sides, this kind of TV unit has certain pros and cons one should know about before making a purchase. Read this blog and upgrade your understanding about this piece of furniture before you bring it home. 

Pros of Wall Mounted TV Units

Saves Floor Space

Even though you live in a small apartment with limited floor space to accommodate a designer TV cabinet, you can add a hint of elegance to your living room using a wall mounted TV unit. The frame will be fixed on the wall, leaving a lot of floor space for you to walk around or install any other decor item to upgrade the interiors. 

Better Viewing Experience

When watching TV for stretched hours, you would certainly not wish to experience discomfort in your neck. Well, in that case, you need an optimal eye-level positioning which a wall mounted TV unit assures to offer. Even experts suggest that the middle of your TV should be at eye-level when seated, which means approx. 42 inches from the floor to the centre of your TV. This ensures the best viewing experience and maximum comfort.   

Visually Appealing 

With sleek and modern designs available in the market, a wall mounted TV unit inspires minimalism and looks great in contemporary interior settings. It creates an illusion of making a room look airy and spacious with its elegant styles and configurations. 

Extra Storage Space

Who doesn’t need storage options to keep remote controls and other electronic paraphernalia? Get a wall mounted TV unit with floating shelves, drawers, and cabinets that can be fixed to the empty wall, saving you floor space and offering a lot of storage space for a clutter-free living room. 

Cons of Wall Mounted TV Units

Professional Assistance is Required for Installation 

It may seem uncomplicated, but the truth is that installing a wall mounted TV unit requires professional assistance. Don’t try to do it yourself all alone as you’ll need precise measurements, proper tools, and technical expertise to carry out this task. 

It Causes Damage to Wall

During installation, it will be required to use a drilling machine for holes, which subsequently damages the wall. And, if you need to move space or want to rearrange the setup, then you would have to repair the wall in future which will cost you extra money. 

Hiding Wires is Not Easy

For a neat and organised look, everyone wants to conceal wires and cables, but it is not that easy in the case of a wall mounted TV unit. Having said that, with additional effort of drilling holes and effective cable management solutions, you can get a clutter-free appearance. 

Difficult to Maintain 

As compared to a freestanding TV unit or a cabinet, a wall mounted TV unit doesn’t give easy access to its ports and cables, making it difficult to connect additional devices. Also, it is tricky to clean the backside when it comes to maintenance and care. 

Limited Flexibility

The moment you fix the TV on a wall mounted TV unit, it is difficult to change or readjust the position or viewing angle. It doesn’t offer any flexibility of changing the angle. Therefore, make sure you double check the measurements and angles before installing it on the wall. 

Risk of accidents

As we’ve mentioned earlier that a wall mounted TV unit requires professional installation, it simply suggests that if you try to fix your TV on the wall without proper installation process, the TV may fall off the wall, causing injuries or damage to the TV itself. It can pose the risk of accidents and damage, and thus it’s better to ask for professional support with technical expertise. 

In order to make the most prudent buying decision, make sure you consider the pros and cons of a wall mounted TV unit meticulously. At Nismaaya Decor, you will get a huge collection of TV units in a variety of designs that will complement your room layout, size, viewing preferences, flexibility and decor needs. browse through our products and grab the best deals and offers on wooden furniture online !

Image source - Google and Nismaaya decor