Unveiling the Artistry: Exploring Different Types of Tables

As every type of furniture has its own importance in a space, tables are highly functional pieces that no home or office can do without. 

From showcasing decorative items to keeping essentials handy to serving your guests with snacks & beverages to studying and carrying out the office work, every home needs a table

The best part is that for every purpose, there is a distinctive design, style, and size of a table which can enhance the beauty of your space and take it to new heights. 

At Nismaaya Decor, we strongly believe that tables are not just useful pieces of furniture; they are the pieces of artistry crafted with careful thought. With the use of these functional furniture units, you can transform your living space to a great level. Let’s explore the world of tables that never fail to add charm and personality to your space. 

Let’s explore the different types of tables available with us that can be used in your home in a variety of styles and purposes. 

wooden Coffee table set

Center Coffee Table

As soon as you wake up and come out of your bedroom, it is the wood center table arranged in the middle of the living room which embraces you first. A wooden coffee table set serves you with your favourite beverage and enhances the mood of the space in an instant with its timeless allure and look. Besides letting you enjoy beverages and snacks, it acts as an ideal centrepiece for your living room, where conversions happen and you create unforgettable memories with family & friends. At Nismaaya Decor, you will find a variety of coffee table sets with wood or glass top surfaces to add an elegant touch to the ambience. Buy the one which complements the decor of your living room. 

Wooden Nest of Tables

If space is the biggest constraint, then we have a solution which is known as a wooden nest of tables. These tables are meticulously designed to fit snugly within one another when not in use. Use it to decorate a flower vase and elevate the dull corner of your room. The other pieces can be used to keep drinks at a hand’s distance from your guests, making it easy for them to access beverages. 

It saves a lot of floor space and is a perfect solution for compact apartments. Their sleek design patterns look great in chic, contemporary interior settings. 

Side & End Tables

With the power of both- functionality and flair, these essential pieces of furniture can be used in a plethora of ways at home. From showcasing a lamp to other decorative pieces, these tables have a unique quality to be arranged anywhere- from the sides of bed to a barren corner. Keep things handy, hidden from sight, and safe using a side table with drawer 

wooden office table

Modern Console Table

Serves as versatile, statement pieces, a modern console table with storage can transform the appearance of your space like an instant. With a great fusion of style and storage, a modern console table adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to a space while keeping it clutter-free & organised. Be it any style of interior, at Nismaaya Decor you will get an exquisite collection of these tables that blend in seamlessly with any decor style. Their presence is truly impactful and creates a sense of openness to the living spaces. 

Study Table with Storage

An essential piece of furniture, a study table with storage has both functionality and style. We understand the importance of creating an environment where your child can sincerely study with improved focus and concentration. And, to create such an atmosphere, a study table plays a crucial role. Buy a study table which not only comforts you but also complements your home's interior design. Elevate your child’s study experience by giving him a space which is organised and neat. A table with storage will help him keep all the important notes, books, and stationery supplies handy.    

console table with storage


Wooden office table

Enhance your work productivity and keep your posture right with the wooden office table available with us. These ergonomically designed tables with chairs make it easy to work for stretched hours without straining your back or neck. Besides functionality, these tables upgrade the ambience of your home office, ensuring that you enjoy working every day. Buy office table from us and get assured of experiencing beauty, comfort, and productivity altogether. 

If you want to buy furniture online, then Nismaaya Decor is the brand to trust wholeheartedly. With the diversity of modern designs and classic, traditional patterns, our collection reflects the fusion of both. Our vast collection of tables consists of a multitude of designs and materials- from sleek, modern designs to rustic, reclaimed wood textures, each piece represents the boundless creativity of our skilled furniture designers and artisans. So, what are you waiting for? Discover our latest collection and bring home a table that supports, beautifies, organises, and makes your space functional than ever.