A Complete Guide to Furnishing Your Dining Area

Good food contributes to a good mood. We all agree, right? Now that we understand the importance of enjoying meals every day and organising dinner and lunch parties for our friends, a wooden dining table is something we all need in our spaces. Being an essential furniture unit which allows you to share food over meaningful conversations and create memorable times with loved ones, there are certain things to take care of before buying a dining table and other accessories to furnish your dining area

This comprehensive guide will help you revamp your dining space, making it more inviting and warm for everyone who visits you. Let's take a read without further ado. 

Determining Your Needs and Requirements 

To begin the transformation process of your dining area, first things first you need to assess your needs. For instance, if you are a couple living in a small apartment, then you can check out 2 seater dining table sets or if you have a small family with 3 to 4 members, then a wooden dining table 4 seater is enough to accommodate everyone comfortably. Before buying a dining table and chairs, make sure you take the area’s measurement and inquire about the furniture dimensions to assess whether or not the furniture will fit into the area, leaving room for you to comfortably walk around. Also, take note of any architectural features, windows, doors, or other elements that may impact furniture placement. Other than this, it’s essential to consider your dining habits and lifestyle. Some people love to host house parties and invite their friends more often. Well, in that case, even if you are a couple with the need of a 2 seater table and chairs, you may require a 6 person dining table set or more chairs to host guests. Besides, there is an option of buying a table with extension leaves to accommodate more guests. If you need additional storage for tableware and dining accessories, then a vouch for a variety of designs that come with excellent storage options. With built-in drawers and compartments, you can easily store placemats, cutleries, trivets, napkins, coasters, table runners, etc. 

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Selection of the Right Dining Table Design

To buy the right dining table design, it’s important to consider the right shape and size. As there are several designs and shapes available in the online furniture stores, you may feel overwhelmed. But the easiest route to find an ideal piece for your dining area is to choose the shape that complements your space and blends in well with the existing interior decor theme. The common shapes which are available in a wooden dining table design are mainly round, rectangular, square, and oral. 

The suitable shape significantly impacts the functionality and aesthetics of your dining area. Thus, before making a decision, seek knowledge regarding the features of every shape. 

Round tables look great in compact apartments as they save space and promote better conversation flow while dining. Also, they look amazing in modern or contemporary interiors. This shape accommodates less people, which creates an intimate ambience for your guests to engage better. 

On the other hand, rectangular tables are ideal for areas with long and narrow layout. They look more formal and blend in with the traditional setups and interiors. As they can seat more people, go for this shape if you often host larger gatherings and parties. Whereas you can vouch for square and round shapes if you wish to enjoy cosy meals and smaller gatherings. Square tables generally seat 4 people but can be extended to accommodate more when there are guests at home.

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Choose the Material of Dining Table Carefully

With a plethora of options to choose from, selecting a dining table made from the right material determines its longevity, durability, and style. Though dining table and chairs are created with wood, metal, and glass, most of the people looking for durability and timeless visual appeal opt for a wooden dining table built with solid woods, such as Teak wood, Oak wood, Walnut, Maple, and Mahogany. Each material has its own unique charm and maintenance requirements. For instance, a wooden table with a glass top may improve the aesthetics of the dining area with its elegance and modern visual appeal, but cleaning the glass and preventing it from scratches might be challenging especially if you have kids at home. Thus, choose a material that suits your lifestyle and meets your daily needs and decor choices. 

Choose the Perfect Dining Chairs 

For a memorable dining experience, enjoying delicious food isn’t enough as you need comfort and back support as well. Therefore, it's vital to choose dining chairs that provide the required comfort to engage in long meals with your guests. One can opt for dining chairs with arms to place your arms comfortably. If you need more cushioning in the seats, look for upholstered chairs which offer maximum comfort and appear extra graceful. To add some texture and character to your dining area, choose the fabric of upholstery that instantly elevates the look of ambience instantly, making it look visually appealing. Think beyond aesthetics, and pay attention to upholstery materials which are easy to clean and maintain as well. 

Enhancing with Buffets and Sideboards

Upgrading the dining area is not only about arranging the right dining table with chairs. You need a finest furniture unit that serves you with the best of both worlds- storage and beauty. Buffets and sideboards are highly versatile pieces of furniture which are mainly kept in the dining room to offer storage for tableware, linens, cutleries, serving spoons and dishes while allowing you to display decorative items like vases or artwork as well. Buffets and sideboards look like decorative containers, outfitted with cabinet-like doors and storage drawers. They are often placed in dining rooms for storing and serving dishes. Before buying them, make sure they blend in well with the dining table design, otherwise the whole arrangement will look asymmetrical. In addition, ensure that the size of a buffer or sideboard is perfect to be kept in the dining space, not obstructing movement around the area. 

Lighting the Dining Area

Arranging the right furniture is a part of furnishing your dining area, but not the only thing that works wonders for your space. There are other essentials to take care of, such as proper lighting. A well-lit dining area not only improves your dining experience but also sets the right mood while highlighting your existing decor. Here are a few ways to light up your dining area:

  • During daytime, you can enjoy your meals in the natural light, but if it is not enough, then choose the suitable fixtures, such as pendant lights or chandeliers to give proper lighting to the area while accentuating the grace of interiors. Make sure that you get the chandelier fixed by a professional directly above the centre of the dining table at an appropriate height. This will illuminate the surface of the table. You can also use wall-mounted sconces to add an ornamental touch to the ambience. 
  • Lighting plays a huge role in improving the vibe and feel of the ambience. As dimmer switches are available these days, you can dim the light to create a more warm, cosy, and intimate dining experience. On the other hand, you can brighten up the light when you are reading or playing an indoor game with everyone around. 

Strike a perfect balance while lighting up your dining area and take care of both- functionality and aesthetics. Create a delightful atmosphere that encourages joyful conversations and enjoyable meals for family and guests.

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Pay attention to Rugs, Curtains, and Accessories 

Use of finest furnishings like curtains, rugs, and other table accessories can upgrade the dining area of your home, adding warmth and personality to interiors. Let’s learn how to choose each of these decor elements carefully:


When choosing a rug, make sure it is large enough to fit comfortably under the dining table and chairs. Its presence will give a graceful look to the whole setup. While zeroing in on the material of the rug, select a material which is durable and easy to clean. Wool and natural fibre rugs can be great options to consider. 

Colour is also a vital factor in creating a visual appeal in the area, and thus use a rug with a pattern or colour that matches with the interiors of the dining space. If the existing set up is modern and is based on a contemporary vibe, then go for modern prints in subtle colours to enhance the overall look. 


If your dining space is blessed with the natural light and looks airy, then you must opt for sheer curtains with light colours that provide a sense of serenity and calmness. These types of curtains also allow natural light to come inside. 

Decor market is flooded with interesting options in colour and textures. Thus, explore everything ruling the market and buy fabrics that are easy to maintain and offer varieties in patterns. Go for cotton or linen to add depth and interest to the dining area. 

Table Accessories:

You may find stunning table accessories and decorative pieces to intensify the dining experience for your guests and family. Just a stylish centrepiece or a beautiful flower vase will look great on the surface of the dining table, serving as a focal point. You can also add a decorative bowl containing rose petals or scented candles to give a royal touch to the ambience. 

Setting the table for lunch or dinner appropriately is one of the biggest signs of a good host. To achieve this skill, make use of coordinated tableware, placements, linens, and napkins. You can play with colours and even create a colour coded theme to complement the delicious food you are serving. 

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Use a Striking Wall Decor 

Plain walls look drab and boring. To breathe life to the barren walls of the dining area, go for some captivating wall art prints or a metal wall art decor. As there are a plethora of canvas prints or paintings available online, you may get confused as to which one you should bring home. Well, in that case, opt for interesting food prints or nature-inspired artwork that will infuse natural beauty to the walls, enhancing the dining experience every day. 

Add Planters to Invite Tranquillity

Green is the colour that instantly pleases our visual senses, and it is no exaggeration to say that the presence of indoor plants adds freshness and natural beauty to the dining area. Enjoying great food in the relaxing ambience is truly a bliss, and if you want to experience this calming environment every day while having your meals, then introduce the outdoors into the corners of your dining space. 

Also, indoor plants are natural air purifiers which will help improve the indoor air quality, ensuring the ambience is healthier and comfortable for diners. 

Budgeting and Shopping Tips

Furnishing a dining area needs a proper budget in order to avoid overspending. Thus, fix a budget for buying a top-notch quality wooden dining table. As this piece of furniture will be used on an everyday basis, make sure it is created of premium-quality solid wood. At Nismaaya Decor, we only use hard woods, such as Oak, Teak, Mahogany, and Walnut to build the pieces that last a lifetime and withstand wear and tear. 

Being one of the leading online wooden furniture stores in India, we are certain that you won’t get the best deals and offers elsewhere than at Nismaaya Decor. With our excellent quality and performance of products, we have become a highly trusted customised wooden furniture store. So, if you want us to create furniture for the dining area that aligns with your needs, style, and preferences, reach out to us. 

Furnishing your dining area is a rewarding experience that allows you to create a space for joyful gatherings and delightful meals with friends and family. Let us help you achieve it by making furniture units that reflect your unique style and personality. Happy dining!